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Who is Mohan Baba And Why Is Mohan Baba Famous?

who is mohan baba
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Baba Mohan Ram is an Indian spiritual teacher who is known as Rishi, Fakir, Satguru, and Lord Krishna by his followers. In this article, we will discuss who is Mohan Baba and his mandir in Bhiwadi?

Who Is Mohan Baba?

Mohan Baba’s worshippers believe that he is the Tri-Loki Nath (creator, sustainer, and destroyer of the cosmos). His teachings emphasize love, forgiveness, assisting others, generosity, contentment, inner peace, and commitment to God as a moral code. He emphasized the significance of surrendering to the real Satguru, who will guide the student through the wilderness of spiritual training after having walked the road to divine consciousness.

His disciplines have received darshan in numerous forms like Narsimha Roop, Balak Roop, Vamana Roop, and Krishna. It is stated that he performed penance in the Cave of Kali Kholi as a Dwarf Brahman (Vamana) and gave his darshan to Nandu Ji, whose descendants are the major pujari or bhagat for the last seven generations.

Why Is Mohan Baba Famous?

Baba Mohan Ram Ji sitting on blue horse

In the Kali Yuga, he is Lord Shri Krishna’s second incarnation. Baba Mohan is said to possess amazing abilities that he employs for the benefit of his disciples.

In front of his head, there is a gold ring with a peacock feather attached. He also wears a rudraksha.  On a blue horse, Baba Mohan Ram rides. His blue horse is said to be an embodiment of Lord Sheshnag, who can run faster than the wind.

He primarily concentrates his teachings on the moral code of love, forgiveness, assisting others, generosity, contentment, inner peace, and devotion to God and guru, as well as Seva. He is also worshipped as the divine Jyoti (Divine Lamp), which possesses amazing abilities.

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Baba Mohan Ram Mandir In Bhiwadi

Baba Mohan Ram Temple Pond in the city Bhiwadi

Baba Mohan Ram Mandir or Cave is located in the Kali Kholi mountain range in Bhiwadi, where his Akhand Jyoti is located. During the Doj and the Chemai Doj (Six Month Festival), worshippers go to the cave in great numbers. Devotees offer Ghee to his Akhand Jyoti, who cures their problems, and they present bhog and Uppla (cow cake) to his everlasting Dhuni, who also cures all of his devotees’ problems. Because Baba Mohan Ram Mandir in Bhiwadi is encircled by miracles and holy energy, any seva performed there benefits them, such as washing the temple floor, offering food to the destitute, supplying water to the bird feeders, and feeding animals, particularly cows.

Baba Mohan Ram Mandir in Bhiwadi is surrounded by trees such as Gular, Neem, Guggal, Peepal, Jadi, Sitaphal, and Banyan, as well as birds such as Koyal, Pigeon, Peacock, and Bulbul. It is stated that he compelled his first disciple, Nandu Ji, to construct a shrine in his honor in the village of Milakpur. You are welcome to see Baba Mohan Rama at any time of year, and temple is open every day of the year.


If there is any Sankat (Trouble) in the life of the devotee, according to some Bhagat, Babaji runs barefoot to him. He is usually shown as a humble monk in a forest or wilderness, implying his sacrifice of material possessions in favor of a peaceful yogi existence.

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