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Why Is New York Street Named Ganesh Temple Street? Story Of Ganesh Temple

NewYork Ganesh Temple Street Naming Ceremony
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The New York City Council, under the instructions of Chairman Peter Koo in the year 2021 had decided to co-name New York Street as the Ganesh Temple Street! But why is New York street named Ganesh Temple Street? This article will take you to the lanes of the NY Ganesh temple Street and will unveil the full story behind the co-naming! 

New York Street Named Ganesh Temple Street

Bowne Street in Flushing, Queens County, New York has been co-named the Ganesh Temple Street after the sacred Ganesh temple situated there! The street was earlier named Bowne Street after the leading figure behind the Anti Slavery Movement, John Bowne. 

Randhir Jaiswal, The Consul General Of India in New York, along with Donovan Richards, President of Queens Borough, Mayor Eric Adams, Deputy Commissioner for Trade, Investment and Innovation in the office of New York City, and members of the Indian American Community were present in the sacred ceremony.

What do The Leading Figures Have To Say About The Event? 

On the occasion of the Baisakhi celebration at the Indian Consulate in New York, the Consulate general Randhir Jaiswal took to the stage and said a few words for his audience regarding the Ganesh Temple Street in NY. He said that the celebration was not just a mere co-naming of New York Street, but it is also a celebration to honor the hard work achieved through innumerable years.

President Donovan Richards of Queens Borough took to his Twitter handle and shared a video of the co-naming event! He also congratulated obstetrician and gynecologist, Dr. Uma Mysorekar, President of the Hindu Temple Society in North America for her unparalleled hard work through the years. 

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Story Behind The New York Street Named Ganesh Temple Street

The NY Ganesh Temple Street in Flushing is a true example of the hard work and perseveration of the members of the Hindu Temple Society of North America! 

According to the committee, they started their venture as a non-profit religious organization in the year of 1970. Later, the land for temple construction was achieved through a Russian Orthodox Church and the final building was completed in the year 1977. Seven years of hard work and struggle resulted in today’s famous temple. Since then, they haven’t looked back and today the temple is renowned worldwide. The temple is believed to be the first Hindu temple in North America. 

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Celebrations By The Consulate 

It is a pleasure to watch the Americans and the Indians share a close bond with each other! At the event of the Baisakhi celebration by The Consulate, where members of the Sikh community showcased their mastery of the Martial Arts! 

Another example of this unified bond can be seen through the virtual celebration of Rajasthan Diwas! The celebration was a joint venture of The Consulate General of India in New York, the Jaipur Foot USA, and the Rajasthan Association of North America. The event became successful through the presence of eminent artists from Rajasthan, such as Swaroop Khan! Jaiswal also emphasized the achievements of the Jaipur Foot Camp and urged the tourists to visit Rajasthan to experience the rich culture and heritage of India.


We hope that this article on “why New York street named Ganesh Temple Street” will help you to know all about the co-naming event that took place on Saturday on Bowne Street, Flushing.

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