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10 New Money-Making Habits In 2025: Learn The Millennial Way

10 New Money-Making Habits In 2021: Learn The Millennial Way
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Financial literacy is a burning topic among millennials in 2025, as every day a new source of income is being introduced in the market. The availability of time-saving and easily accessible options makes it easier for today’s youth to make intelligent investments for long-term and short-term profits. 

The world is evolving into a place that is more refined, fast-paced, and organized. With better facilities, there arises a need to earn more money to avail them. Thus, opportunities arise and platforms to earn money multiply. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, millennials were not shy to take loans via credit cards or banks. But as the lockdowns were imposed and many people lost their jobs, millennials moved towards easier and more sustainable methods of earning money. India, having the largest millennial population in the world, is a pandora’s box of opportunities that are being utilized to their maximum potential. Millennials are adopting healthy money-making habits that persist and give better returns. 

While one may argue that traditional methods were safer and hard work-oriented, the millennial methods are more efficient and smart work-oriented. After all, the aim is to earn money, so why not earn it in a faster, easier, and safer way? While stock markets and crypto trading remain the most popular earning methods, millennials have adopted new ways to increase their income, opened more doorways to cash flow, and have utilized technology for easier ways to earn and transfer money. 

Let’s take a look at some of these methods and learn from them:

1. Investing In Stock Markets And Day Trading 

During the lockdown, millennials had enough time to discover and try new things, and their desire to earn more led them to develop an interest in stock market investment. The various mobile apps have made day trading a good and easy way of earning some extra money.

Large-cap stocks back in the lead; Sensex up 3.7% this month | Business  Standard News

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The IPOs of companies like Zomato and Paytm are also very popular among millennials these days. They are no longer afraid of the risk that the stock market carries.

2. Investment In Cryptocurrency 

Cryptocurrency investment has skyrocketed because of the new money-making habits of millennials. They have popularized these digital assets in India. The co-founder of Crypto Kanoon, Kashif Raza, stated that the mobile apps have made crypto exchanges more accessible for people, and the millennial role models like Elon Musk have actively taken interest in cryptocurrency, which has pushed the millennials further.

Hacker is returning $600M in crypto, claiming theft was just “for fun” |  Ars Technica

This generation is more inclined towards earning passive income with their time and investment. The interest in and acceptance of these new technologies by millennials have made cryptocurrency so popular.

3. Skill Upgradation

The demand for learning new skills has rapidly increased during Covid-19. Millennials want to increase their paycheque by possessing all the skills they can. The technological growth is making traditional methods of learning very passive, and this, in turn, is increasing demand for skilled people in the job sector. Millennials have realized this and are not thinking twice before upgrading or learning new skills for themselves in all possible ways. These money-making habits of the millennials have increased the craze of digital upskilling and educational platforms like upGrad are thriving. The enrollments have gone up in a huge number.

Even though millennials have to spend money to learn new skills, they are gladly doing this as they see it as a future investment for being able to get better jobs.

4. Influencing Other’s Money Habits

This generation has learned to influence others’ money-making habits with the help of online platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and even through blogging and digital marketing. This does not only help them earn followers and regular consumers for the company whose product they promote in their content, but also helps them earn money. Everyone who knows something these days is trying to put it to work and is earning from the same. Vlogging, article writing, and podcasting are some solid examples.

The complete guide to working with Instagram Influencers the right way |

5. Getting Involved In The Gig Economy

The emergence of multiple online platforms is enabling millennials to generate extra income by using their skills in freelance gigs.

How gig economy is becoming mainstream in India

The millennials teach us how to leverage earning opportunities. The gig economy has helped the individuals of this generation to make effective use of their capabilities and skills for better earnings. 

6. Micro Jobs 

The millennials are actively involved in the micro job marketplace. They use their skills to sell their services in the form of videos, music, graphics, writing, and many more to have that extra flow of money. This has been recognized as one of the most efficient money-making habits of millennials.

Microjobs have a massive potential | Financial Times

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7. Automation Of Wealth Creation

Automating wealth creation has become a new and easier way to earn money. Millennials are switching to auto-debit for their mutual fund investments so that when their salary gets credited, money automatically gets transferred to mutual funds. More advanced technology can even help them trigger investments according to their bank balance throughout the month.

Mutual Fund Guide - How Mutual Funds Work - UTI Mutual Fund

8. Lending Digitally

Lending money digitally through various online platforms has become a new money-making habit of the millennials. In a survey, it has been found that the millennials are dominating both the lending and borrowing side of these platforms. launches 'Paisabazaar Stack' – To offer completely Digital  Lending Solutions - Compare & Apply Loans & Credit Cards in India-

They want and need to be aware of new investment techniques. They realize and recognize the significance of having multiple, diverse sources of income. With the fixed deposit returns declining and the unpredictability of equities, they are always looking out for new investment methods to get more returns.

9. Digital Gold Investment 

Digital gold is gaining popularity among millennials as an asset. Digital gold investment is safe, has higher returns, and is an all-rounder asset. Digital gold aids easy buying and selling and avoids middleman charges and reselling costs. Digital gold can be purchased in small amounts as well so there’s less risk and budgeters can invest as well.

How Digital Gold as an Investment Outscores Traditional Gold Investment?

10. Ownership Of Fractional Properties

Millennials are taking an interest in this new concept of fractional property ownership. The youngsters are looking for better and secure returns, and this tool proves to be suitable for them. This ensures a regular flow of income which adds to their bank account. CRE (Commercial Real Estate) has higher returns. The escalation in rents and the long contracts of lease keep the money flowing.

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