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The Origin Of God Brahma Vishnu Mahesh And Their Importance In Hinduism

God Brahma Vishnu Mahesh
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According to the Purans, Brahma is the deity of creation, Vishnu is the god of preservation, and Mahesh is the god of destruction or transformation. These three forms depict the Supreme Divine, the ultimate Hindu god. Read this article to know about the god Brahma Vishnu Mahesh ( the Trimurti form), who created Brahma Vishnu Mahesh, and the Importance of Trimurti in Hinduism. Also, these Brahma Vishnu Mahesh mantras to get out of all your life problems.

What Is Trimurti?

Trimurti refers to the three principal Hindu gods: God  Brahma Vishnu Mahesh, and means “having three forms.” It is an iconographic image of God in Hinduism that shows divinity as a three-faced deity. It is also known as the Hindu Trinity. 

God Brahma Vishnu Mahesh Mantras

These Brahma Vishnu Mahesh mantras will remove all your sorrows and bring prosperity to your life:

Om guru brahma guru vishnu guru devo maheshwara

Guru sakshat parabrahma, tasmayi shree guruve namaha


Brahma Vishnu and Mahesh are spiritual guides. Salutations to the divine instructor, since Guru is highest consciousness.

Origin Of God Brahma Vishnu Mahesh

Vishnu, according to the Vishnu Puran, was the only one who survived full devastation (Pralay). As a result, Vishnu launched the rebirth of the cosmos by giving birth to Brahma from his navel, in order to keep the cycle of creation, destruction, and recreation rolling.

who created Brahma Vishnu Mahesh

Vishnu created Lord Shiva from his forehead shortly after giving birth to Brahma, who was responsible for the creation of life on Earth. As a result, he delegated Brahma and Mahesh with their separate responsibilities in order to create a life cycle.

The Story Of God Brahma Vishnu Mahesh

According to the Puranas, there was nothing in the universe at the beginning. There was water all over the place. Lord Vishnu took on the form of a gigantic being and rested on the lake. A lotus blossom emerged from Lord Vishnu’s navel while he was sleeping. Brahma was created from the cells of the lotus. 

Brahma had many doubts about who he was and where he had come from. He suddenly heard the words “tapasya,” which means “meditation.” For 12 years, Brahma practised Tapasya. Vishnu arrived in front of Brahma after the twelve-year period had passed. Brahma, on the other hand, was unable to perceive Vishnu. He started fighting Vishnu.

A glowing Lingam appeared on the scene as they were battling. It didn’t seem to have a beginning or an end. Lord Vishnu then instructed Lord Brahma to adopt the appearance of a swan and investigate. So Lord Brahma disguised himself as a swan and ascended above the water to investigate the Lingam, while Lord Vishnu disguised himself as a white boar and entered the water. 

They searched for four thousand years but were unable to locate the Lingam’s end. As a result, they prayed for a hundred years more. The sound of “OM” was heard after a hundred years, and Lord Shiva came in front of them, telling Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu that we are all portions of the same thing that has been separated into three.

Who Created Brahma Vishnu Mahesh?

There are many stories that describe who created Brahma Vishnu Mahesh. Regardless of the fact that the Vishnu Purana states that Vishnu manifests as Brahma to create and as Rudra (Shiva) to destroy, Vaishnavism rejects the Trimurti notion and instead believes in Vishnu’s avatars such as Buddha, Rama, Krishna, and others.

Devi made the universe, including Brahma, according to goddess-centred Shaktism. Brahma is usually represented as a bearded man with four heads and hands, with a golden or red complexion.

Brahma Vishnu And Mahesh – Who Is More Powerful?

Though Lord Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh are easily the most powerful Gods among all the Gods, if we were to pick only one, it would undoubtedly be Lord Shiva. He is revered by all Gods, devils, and spirits, as well as mankind. In a nutshell, Lord Shiva is revered by all living things.

Importance Of Trimurti In Hinduism

The concept and importance of Trimurti in Hinduism can be perceived in numerous ways. Trimurti is thought to represent the elements of earth, fire, and water. Brahma is the creator of all life and is symbolized by the earth. Vishnu is revered as the sustainer of life, as seen by his presence in water. Shiva is depicted as fire, as fire consumes all living things.

Trimurti’s three members are also supposed to represent the three levels of consciousness. Brahma represents the spiritual element, Vishnu represents the psychic element, and Shiva represents the physical element of the spiritual realm. 

Importance Of Trimurti In Hinduism

Brahma represents intuitive and creative thought, Vishnu represents intelligence, and Shiva represents emotions in the psychic dimension. The sky is Brahma, the Sun is Vishnu, and the Moon is Shiva on the physical plane.


Every one of the three gods that make up the Trimurti — Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva — had a separate function in Hindu mythology and culture. It’s still unclear how and when they first began to portray the god jointly.

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