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12 Jyotirlinga List With Place In India And How To Reach

12 Jyotirlinga List With Place
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How well-versed are you on the Jyotirlingas and their importance in Indian culture? Before we get into the 12 Jyotirlinga list with place, let’s have a look at what a Jyotirlinga is and what it means. 

A Jyotirlinga is a collection of Lord Shiva’s many incarnations. There are a total of 12 Jyotirlingas temples in India strategically dispersed around the nation in various areas. Hindu devotees from all across the country make pilgrimages and spiritual travels to these Jyotirlingas to seek Lord Shiva’s blessings in all of his manifestations. In the presence of divine energies, these sanctums provide a sense of calm. 12 Jyotirlinga list with place is mentioned below:

12 Jyotirlinga List With Place

12 Jyotirlinga List

1. Mallikarjuna – Srisailam In Andhra Pradesh

The Mallikarjuna Jyotirlinga temple is positioned on the hilltop of the Shri Saila Mountain and is the last of India’s 12 Jyotirlingas temples. The temple, which is decked out with outstanding architecture and sculptures, has a glimpse of the River Krishna. Andhra Pradesh’s Jyotirlinga is also considered one of Sati’s 52 shakti peeths.


2. Rameshwaram – Rameshwaram Island In Tamil Nadu

The Rameshwaram Jyotirlinga, popularly known as the Varanasi of the South, is one of the most visited sacred destinations in the country. Devotees frequently visit Dhanuskhodi beach in addition to the Rameshwaram Jyotirlinga to seek Lord Rama’s blessings. You should go to the temple to learn more about the Jyotirlinga’s history.

3. Kedarnath – Kedarnath In Uttarakhand

Another renowned Jyotirlinga in India that is unreachable for most of the year is Kedarnath. The temple is closed to pilgrims because of the harsh climate, which includes cold temperatures and snowfall. A plunge in the magic water of Gangotri and Yamunotri from the lake within the Kedarnath temple is said to cleanse you of all your problems and sorrows.

4. Kashi Vishwanath – Varanasi In Uttar Pradesh

Kashi Vishwanath is one of the most revered Jyotirlingas in India. The Jyotirlinga is thought to have been created as a result of a dispute between Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva would be adored equally, while Lord Brahma would be ostracised for lying, according to Hindu legend. Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu are worshiped at this Kashi Vishwanath Jyotirlinga!

5. Omkareshwar – Khandwa in Madhya Pradesh

Omkareshwar, a renowned Jyotirlinga perched on the Narmada River, literally translates to “Lord of the Om Sound.” The shrine is renowned for its mythical importance. There was a conflict between the Devas and the Danavas, according to legend. As the Devas appealed to Lord Shiva, Lord Shiva chose their side and came as Omkareshwar to assist them in their victory against the evils.

6. Mahakaleshwar – Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh

The Mahakaleshwar Temple, located in Ujjain’s Mahakal forest, is said to have been erected by Srikar, a five-year-old kid. The temple is located on the banks of the Kshipra River, and the Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga is one of the country’s seven Mukti sthans. This is one of the most famous Jyotirlinga in 12 Jyotirlinga list with place.

7. Baidyanath – Deoghar in Jharkhand

Vaidyanath, another famed Jyotirlinga in Jharkhand, has a fascinating origin tale. It is, in fact, rather popular. According to legend, Ravana, a devout follower of Lord Shiva, sought for years to summon him to Lanka. Ravana was harmed during this period as well.

Ravana was not in the greatest of health when Lord Shiva arrived to visit his devotee. Lord Shiva took it upon himself to heal Ravana, earning him the moniker Vaidyanath. Every year, a large number of pilgrims visit the Vaidyanath Jyotirlinga, notably during the Maha Shivratri and Shravana months.

8. Grishneshwar – Aurangabad in Maharashtra

The Grishneshwar Temple, built in the Shikhara architecture with gods and goddesses engraved on the walls, is also mentioned in the Shiva Purana. The Jyotirlinga is said to have been built by Ahilyabai Holkar and is located near the Ajanta and Ellora caves. The Grishneshwar temple complex is incredibly impressive, with stunning carvings, sculptures, and other features. It is equally stunning, and the temple construction will leave you mesmerized.

9. Trimbakeshwar – Nashik in Maharashtra

Trimbakeshwar Jyotirlinga, situated close to the Brahmagiri mountain, is also the source of the famed Godavari River. Dakshini Ganga and Gautami Ganga are two more names for it. The Godavari River and Gautami Rishi are said to have asked Lord Shiva to live at Trimbakeshwar, resulting in the god’s transformation into a Jyotirlinga.

Interestingly, unlike the other Jyotirlingas, the one at Trimbakeshwar is structured differently, with three pillars representing Brahma, Vishnu, and Maheshwar, the three highest forces.

10. Bhimashankar – Pune in Maharashtra

Bhimashankar is perhaps one of Maharashtra’s most popular hiking destinations. However, the existence of one of the Jyotirlingas is one of the reasons for its popularity. Bhimashankar Jyotirlinga is said to have been built by Nana Phadnavis and is surrounded by lush flora on all sides. Surprisingly, it is also located on the banks of the Bhima River.

During Maha Shivratri, the site transforms into a carnival-like sanctuary, with devotees flocking from all across the state. Easily one of India’s most well-known Jyotirlingas, a visit here is highly recommended.

11. Nageshwar – Daarukavanam in Gujarat

Nageshwar is another prominent Jyotirlinga in India that may be found in the West, located on the shore of Saurashtra, Gujarat. The temple of Nagnath, which is flanked on both sides by Gomai Dwarka and Bait Dwarka, attracts a large number of pilgrims and tourists who are drawn to the temple’s intriguing construction and setting.

Nageshwar Jyotirlinga is a sign of protection from all forms of venom and poison and is considered to be one of India’s strongest and most potent Jyotirlingas.

12. Somnath – Gir Somnath in Gujarat

Somnath is one of the 12 prominent Jyotirlingas in India, and it is thought to be the first one that the god received. Pilgrims and devotees hold Somnath in high regard and consider it to be the pinnacle of spiritual knowledge. It’s no surprise that it’s India’s most revered pilgrimage spot.

Somnath temple complex’s architecture is Chalukya-inspired, including a fairly beautiful Lord Shiva shrine. Lord Shiva is said to have visited this sanctuary, according to legend. It has a fascinating quality to it since there are several legends associated with this specific Lord Shiva shrine. Visit this Jyotirlinga in India to learn more about the legends around it!


This was the 12 Jyotirlinga list with place. You may be seeking a spiritual awakening to help you make some adjustments in your life. When the term Jyotirlinga is broken down, it becomes Jyoti, which signifies light and brilliance, and linga, which best translates to the phallus. Now that you’ve heard all of this, it’s time to learn more about India’s 12 Jyotirlingas temples. You may then plan your future vacation appropriately!

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