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CBI 5 The Brain Review – Is It Worth Watch?

CBI 5 The Brain review
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“CBI 5: The Brain” is the fifth sequel of the franchise CBI and has been directed by SN Swamy, who is believed to be one of the finest screenwriters of the time in Malayalam cinema. This movie depends on nostalgia to gain viewers as the last movie of the series was launched around  17 years ago. Check out the CBI 5 The Brain review. Also, read this article to know about the CBI 5 cast, CBI 5 story, CBI 5 trailer, and CBI 5 budget.

Detailed CBI 5 The Brain Review

The fifth sequel of the CBI series had a lot of expectations from fans. However, the movie solely depended on nostalgia and did not live up to expectations. Just Like the other sequels this one also revolves around an investigation. This investigation is around a sequence of murders that has been termed ‘basket killing’. Funnily enough, the reason behind this terminology has not been mentioned till the end of the movie.

CBI 5 Story

A Minister, a police officer, an activist, and a doctor are among the ones who are killed. These murders are related to each other but in a strange manner. Demand for investigation by the CBI is raised and this is where Sethurama Iyer and his team make their entry for solving the high-profile case.

There are many further divisions and subplots which make the movie a bit boring. The subplots include extramarital affairs, links to a terrorist group, corruption, and personal grudges. However, the role of the police officer Vikram which has been played by the actor Jagathy Sreekumar is quite a bright spot in the movie. Besides, it was also good to see the actor play a role in a movie after having met with an unfortunate accident on the road which had left him paralyzed.

CBI 5 Cast

The CBI 5 cast contained actors Jagathy Sreekumar, Mammootty, Renji Panicker, and Asha Sharath. All of these led to a palpable excitement for the fifth sequel “CBI 5: The Brain” as well as a lot of expectation. However, all those expectations did not come true.

CBI 5 Budget 

CBI 5 was made on a budget of  Rs. 35 crores. Despite such a high CBI 5 budget, the film was not up to the mark. The storyline and script were not at all well written and failed to grab the attention of the viewers despite being a thriller. The acting done by Mamoothy was amazing but could not manage to keep up the interest of the audience. You can check out the CBI 5 trailer here.

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