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10 Interesting Facts About Republic Day

interesting facts about republic day
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India gained independence from the British monarchy in 1947 after being ruled for 200 years. The Indian constitution was passed and adopted on November 26, 1949. The constitution came into effect on January 26, 1950. The country was declared a sovereign democratic republic. The constitution of India is the second-longest in the world stating the fundamental rights of the citizens and mentioning the duties and responsibilities of the citizens and the government. 

This day is observed as Republic Day and celebrated all across the country with great enthusiasm and splendor. The President and Prime Minister of India preside over the Republic Day celebrations at Rajpath as millions of people watch the live event on television. The Republic Day parade is an interesting event to watch. Here are a few interesting facts about Republic Day.

Interesting Facts About Republic Day

1.  From 1950 to 1954, Rajpath was not the event’s organizational center

The Republic Day parade is held each year on January 26 at Rajpath in New Delhi. Initially, the Republic Day parade was staged at the Irwin Stadium (now National Stadium), Kingsway, Red Fort, and Ramleela Maidan throughout the years.  Since 1955 Rajpath has become the permanent venue of the January 26th parade. Rajpath is called Kingsway.

2. Dr. Sukarno, Indonesian President was invited to the first Republic Day celebration

Do you know the first 10 Chief Guests India invited to Rajpath for the  Republic Day parade? |
Then Indonesian President Dr. Sukarno with India’s First Prime Minister Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru

The Prime Minister, President, or Ruler of any country is invited as a guest on the 26th January parade every single year. The guest on the very first Republic Day celebration was Indonesian President Dr. Sukarno on January 26, 1950. The Governor-General of Pakistan Malik Ghulam Mohammad was invited to the first parade at Rajpath in 1955.

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3. The President inaugurates the republic day celebrations each year

At first, the President’s cavalier bodyguards salute the National flag, followed by the playing of the National Anthem and the firing of 21 guns. But 21 canons are not used to fire! The Indian Army’s 7 cannons known as 25 ponders are employed to fire three rounds.

4. After the guns are fired, it coincides with the playing of the National Anthem Jana Gana Mana

The first gunshot is fired at the opening of the National Anthem. And the last shot is fired 52 seconds later. Built in 1941 all these canons are used in all of the army’s formal programs.

5. The parade participants prepare and arrive at the Rajpath by 3 am. 

Republic Day 2022 Bickram Ghosh and Ricky Kej team up for Republic Day  Parade score - Telegraph India

The parade’s preparations begin the preceding year in July itself. The participants practice parades at their respective regiment centers till August and will be in Delhi by December. The participants are trained for 600 hours before performing on the Republic Day parade on 26th January each year.

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6. Every army personnel that participates in the parade must go through 4 levels of investigation

The arms of every participant are examined extensively to ensure they are not carrying any live bullets. All of the tanks, vehicles, and equipment displaying Indian military strength are lodged in a dedicated camp near the India Gate.

7. Every event in the parade is planned in detail

Planning the parade is a meticulous and detail-oriented task, the events that occur from the commencement to the end of the Republic Day parade are all well planned. No delays and inaccuracies should be caused as this can heavily cost the organizers. All events have to go hand in hand. 

8. ‘Abide With Me’ song is played every year

The song, ‘Abide With Me’ is played at every Republic Day parade celebration as this song was a favorite of the father of the nation, respected Mahatma Gandhi. But this year, on Republic Day 2022, this song has been removed from the list by the Modi government.

9. A flypast is an exciting event of the parade

Republic Day to showcase power of IAF

The Western Airforce Command is in charge of the flypast which includes the participation of 41 aircraft. The parade’s aircraft take off from the Airforce centers and arrive at Rajpath where the celebration commences at a fixed time.

10. The parades tableaux move at a speed of approximately 5km/hr

Republic Day parade: Uttar Pradesh wins best tableau award - The Economic  Times

They move at this speed to keep an eye on everything that is happening and moderate over the event. Army personnel marches in the parade using INSAS rifles which are highly indigenously made and also special Security forces march with Tavor rifles made in Israel. There is a possibility that this time on Republic Day this might be different.

The Bottom Line

These are some interesting facts about Republic Day every citizen must know. The planning of the parade is done very meticulously. An effort of parade participants who practice throughout the year is finally watched on television on this day. The President and Prime Minister inaugurate the event and the PM of the country addresses the nation each year from the Red Fort.  

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