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Beauty Basics: The Makeup Essentials for Beginners

Makeup Essentials for Beginners
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Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and beauty being a relative term does not have set standards as to what actually constitutes beauty. Yet all of us strive to appear to be beautiful appearance-wise. Good looks are not only appreciated but also help to build the self-esteem and self-confidence of many of us. Women and men, all have the awareness of looking good and feeling good. That is why, nowadays, the beauty products and the market catering to the beauty business are flourishing and thriving. It is not only the awareness about looking good that is enough, but it is also necessary to have a knowledge of the makeup essentials for beginners.

What Are Makeup Essentials?

Gone are those days when a minimal use of cosmetics would suffice. Consumers are now comprehending the term ‘makeup’ as not only making up the flaws in one’s appearance but also highlighting the assets. And this truly calls for a perfect makeup kit that every woman should possess. 

Makeup essentials for beginners earlier meant lipstick, face powder, kajal and cream or snow. But now the market is full of cosmetic products that have various uses and purposes. The only thing is to know what to possess and why to possess it. 

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Makeup Essentials For Beginners

Before beginning that shopping spree and getting everything available into one’s makeup kit, one should have a thorough knowledge as to what are the makeup essentials for beginners. Only then can a beginner make well-informed choices to suit the purpose and also to re-create a more beautiful version of herself. 

Let us start with the ‘what to haves’ as makeup essentials for beginners. 

  • Primer
  • Sunscreen lotion with a high Sun Protection Factor (SPF)
  • Face powder/Setting powder
  • Kajal/Kohl/Eyeliner (Of various colours ranging from black, brown, blue, green to white)
  • Mascara
  • Rouge/Cheek tint
  • Lipstick/Lip tint
  • Lip gloss
  • Eye shadow palette
  • Concealer
  • Foundation (Matching one’s skin tone)
  • Eyebrow pencil
  • Lip pencil
  • Brushes to apply eye shadow and cheek tint/rouge.

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The Need For Makeup Essentials For Beginners

These would be the basics of a makeup kit. Now let us focus on why to have these makeup essentials for beginners.

  1. Primer: Primer would be the very base for the foundation cream/gel/lotion. It would prevent the skin from drying and looking patchy.
  2. Sunscreen: Sunscreen lotion is a must-have. The more the SPF of the sunscreen lotion, the better it would be to protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sun.
  3. Face Powder: Face powder or setting powder is to be applied after foundation to give our face a matte look. Here also, one needs to choose the face powder keeping in mind one’s skin tone and type.
  4. Kajal/Kohl/Eyeliner: Kohl or kajal is used to highlight the eyes. But one has to be careful because overuse may lead the eyes to be more small or more deeply-set. They come in various colours and if someone is really interested in doing some experiments, one can go for a variety of colours.
  5. Mascara: Mascara increases the volume of eyelashes. Water-resistant mascara is suggested.
  6. Blush: Blush/Rouge/cheek tint when applied subtly can give a hint of blushing. It can come in brown and golden shades to enhance the beauty of your cheekbones or to make your face appear more sculpted.
  7. Lip Color: Lipstick/lip tint selected as per one’s skin tone can do wonders. They come in matte and glossy finish and you can choose as per your need.
  8. Lip Gloss: Lip gloss makes your lips shine as a matte look does not always suit the occasion. Moreover, it adds volume to the lips.
  9. Eye Shadow: The eye shadow palette has a variety of colours. Shimmery or matte, it is your choice. But before stepping out, it is recommended that you either practice wearing it the right way, that means, the way it suits you or try to gain some tips from a reputed makeup artist.
  10. Concealer: Concealer, as the name suggests, conceals the dark circles under your eyes, and the unevenness of your skin tone and has to be applied after the foundation.
  11. Foundation: The foundation is a base for makeup that must match one’s skin tone and is a makeup essential for beginners. It helps to provide an evenness and brightness to the skin tone.
  12. Eyebrow Pencil: Eyebrow pencil adds volume to the eyebrows. It also helps to define them.
  13. Lip Pencil: Lip pencil is for drawing the contour of the lips. They come in various colours. They can be used to increase, or decrease the fullness of the lips or to redefine it.
  14. Makeup Brushes: Brushes in various sizes and shapes are available to apply makeup that includes eye shadow, powder, highlighter and rouge. Also, it is recommended to have not only a variety but to buy from a reputed brand.

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It is recommended that the cosmetics listed above as makeup essentials for beginners, should not only be branded or from a reputed company, one has to have the discretion of deciding what suits their skin tone the best. Makeup makes us feel good, and look good. But beauty is not skin deep. A wholesome skincare routine is recommended to have that glossy, glassy, heavenly, ethereal look.

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