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Best Hill Stations Near Delhi Within 300 KMs And 500 KMs 

best hill stations near delhi
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The never-ending desire to turn away from the scorching heat of the summers is something that burns – no pun intended – deep inside everyone’s hearts. For Delhites, the urge to visit the hill station near Delhi for weekend for some calm and cool respite is not surprising. Therefore, in this article, we shall mention the best hill stations near Delhi. There are many nearest places to visit from Delhi that even Delhites are unaware of! Let’s look at the most adventurous and the most romantic hill station near Delhi. This article will also give you a glance at the list of hill stations near delhi within 300 kms and 500 kms.

List Of The Best Hill Stations Near Delhi

There are many hill stations near Delhi within a distance of less than 300km! For couples, romantic hill stations near Delhi become a sight and experience to behold. Some hill stations are also wonderful in the monsoon, especially for couples to enjoy romantic hill stations near Delhi. And some are ideal for natural beauty, which can ideally be found in Mussoorie — a hill station near Delhi for weekend. Let us discuss some of these in details: 

Hill Stations Near Delhi Within 500 kms

1. Shimla 

Shimla, which is 342 km away from Delhi, might be the best hill station near Delhi over the weekend to visit. The former summer capital of British India, is one of the closest hill stations to Delhi Shimla enchants millions of families and couples, which is why it is also a romantic hill station near Delhi and every year with its historical charms, lush beauty, breathtaking views, and street shopping at Mall Road. Therefore, be sure not to miss out on visiting one of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring hill stations within a distance of less than 400km. 

hill stations near delhi within

2. Auli 

This beautiful hill station which is 372 km from Delhi, is marvellous and one of the best hill stations in Delhi. The place, despite being a barely discovered beauty, has only just started to realize the potential it possesses as an excellent vacation spot. For people who are tired from the summers in Delhi, It is regarded as one of the coldest hill towns close to Delhi. You can go there for respite and recreation; to enjoy a break from the heat of the world. 


3. Pangot 

317 km away from the city of Delhi, a charming and exquisitely tiny village, otherwise recognized as Pangot is located about a distance of 15 kilometres from Nainital. As soon as you arrive at Pangot, you realize how relaxed and laid-back the atmosphere is. The ambience is so relaxing that you can coax yourself into forgetting reality and engaging in paradise. It is one of the best hill stations near Delhi.


4. Kausani

420 km from Delhi, the Himalayas may be seen in all their splendor from Kausani, one of the best hill stations close to Delhi. Kausani is also called a miniature Darjeeling and is found in the Shivalik Mountain Range. Kausani is the most romantic hill station near Delhi with its ever present canyons and beautiful, tall trees.


5. Kanatal 

For people who reside close to Delhi NCR, Kanatal which is 332 km away from Delhi, is a wonderful gift from the natural world that exists around us. Kanatal is a popular destination for tourists seeking some quiet time outdoors. In addition to the tranquillity of nature, one can partake in activities like adventure camping, trekking, and sightseeing.

Tehri Lake Kanatal 

6. Dalhousie

While on road it takes above 500 km of distance to reach Dalhousie from Delhi, on a flight – it is merely 452 km away from Delhi. Dalhousie has a lot to offer in order to make you fall for its enchanting surroundings and wonderful weather. It makes sense that during the colonial era, it was actually one of the most preferred summer towns for the British people.

hill stations near delhi within

7. Kufri

371 Kms is the distance between Delhi and Kufri, making it one of the most suitable picks under this distance range. To define Kufri and categorize it into mere words would be a shame to the sheer beauty it exudes. Each of the attractions in this gorgeous location is worthwhile seeing. Once again, this location is a contender in the list of best hill stations near Delhi. 


8. Nainital 

Another well-liked and adored destination worldwide and one of the best hill stations near Delhi, in fact, is Nainital, one of the closest hill stations to Delhi — only 307 km away. Nainital greets visitors from cities with beautiful, enthralling lakes and hills covered with and surrounded by towering trees, and a bright sky. A perfect vacation spot that attracts families is a must see once in a lifetime.

romantic hill station near delhi

9. Mashobra 

In Himachal Pradesh, there is a lovely and precious town called Mashobra, only 352km away from Delhi. This town, which is surrounded by tall, gigantic pine trees, along with that of oak and deodar trees, is a sight to truly behold, and the Shimla district takes pride in it and basks in its glory. It is one of the lesser-known hill towns close to Delhi. It becomes one of the nearest places to visit from Delhi. 

hill station near Delhi for weekend

10. Ranikhet 

At this iconic hill town near Delhi, just around 367 km away, Ranikhet is a beauty which won’t escape anyone’s notice. This idyllic retreat is defined by the charming Victorian architecture which captures the heart and soul of everyone. Pine, Oak, and Deodar trees provide its backdrop, and many cottages can be seen sprawled out in a beautiful manner. It is a romantic hill station near Delhi. 


11. Chail

Another close hill town near Delhi is Chail, just 335 km away. Even though people have claimed that there isn’t much to do in Chail, it makes up for a great destination for those who are actively looking for peace and quiet in the centre of the stunning mountains found in Chail. This place is a formidable contender in the list of best hill stations near Delhi. 


12. Uttarkashi

Uttarkashi, which is 414 km from Delhi, is also regarded as Devbhoomi by its devotees and admirers. This hill village, which exudes complete spirituality, pristine and purity, is Delhi’s top destination for tourists. Other reasons why people often opt to travel there include its breathtaking natural beauty, picturesque scenery, trekking, and irenic and calm ambiance. Out of all the nearest places to visit from Delhi, this is one of the most remarkable choices. 


13. Chopta 

Chopta, which is situated 415 km from the city of Delhi, is known as a remote Himalayan village that serves as the starting point for the famous Tungnath Trek. It is one of the eccentric hill towns close to Delhi. Chopta, which is home to many beautiful trees of different varieties, provides a comfortable atmosphere for the ideal summer holiday. This is an ideal hill station near Delhi for weekend. 


Hill Stations Near Delhi Within 300kms

14. Rishikesh

It is 256 km away from Delhi. It is the nation’s center for yoga and is home to a number of tourist attractions and adventurous pursuits, making it a popular weekend getaway destination for Delhi residents and one of the most well-known hill resorts closest to the capital. A favorite destination for adventure seekers, Rishikesh is one of the top tourist destinations in India because of its abundance of adventure, leisure activities, pilgrimages, and favourable cultural attractions. 


15. Nahan 

It is 278 km from Delhi. It is located in the Shivalik mountain range and is a cantonment town of the Himalayas. It is regarded as one of the most picturesque hill stations closest to Delhi. This town is a great option for weekend getaways and for anyone who wants to get away from the city and explore the hills. This is a romantic hill station near Delhi. 


16. Dehradun 

It is 270 km from Delhi. The capital of Uttarakhand, which is located 1400 feet above sea level, is a must-see! The picturesque city is defined by its abundance of greenery, the aroma of the misty air, and some great attractions. It is one of the closest hill stations to Delhi, and the area’s abundance of attractions makes it a favorite among tourists. The best activities to enjoy in this amazing location include trekking, camping, picking from a variety of wildlife trips, and simply seeing the must-see locations. This is included in one the must-see nearest places to visit from Delhi. 


17. Mussoorie

The hills of Mussoorie, which is 294 km from Delhi, are peaceful despite the commotion and crowds. With its glitzy and dazzling display of natural beauty, Mussoorie captures the attention of all visitors and enthrals and encapsulates them for a heartwarming and memorable experience. It is encircled by clouds and towering hills. There’s a reason why Mussoorie is regarded as the Queen of Hills. 

hill stations near delhi within

18. Morni 

This hill station is situated 260km away from the point of Delhi. It is renowned for its pleasant and picturesque surroundings, historical district, vast expanse of thick forests, outstanding views, and a beautiful lake. Cycling and hiking are also very enjoyable and adventurous activities there. 

Morni Hills

19. Dhanaulti

If you’re looking for a fast weekend getaway from Delhi, Dhanaulti is the perfect hill station nearby to escape the city bustle. The charming hill town of Dhanaulti is located in the Garhwal Himalayan range around 24 kilometres from Mussoorie. You can visit both locations in three days if you carefully plan your trip. It is 290 km from Delhi. This is the best hill station near Delhi for weekend.  


20. Solan 

Another hill town close to Delhi is Solan, which is situated in Himachal Pradesh and is tucked away in the outer Himalayas. This charming hill station is the perfect location for taking a break and unwinding in the beauty of nature, surrounded on all sides by gorgeous mountains and Deodar forests. Solan has a wide variety of tourist destinations and exciting things to do for adventure lovers. It is 295 km from Delhi. 


21. Bhimetal 

It is 293 km away from Delhi. Bhimtal, a little hill village a few kilometres from Nainital, is a haven for people looking for laid-back, leisurely locations. This little residence is the ideal location for birdwatchers and other wildlife enthusiasts and lovers. Bhimtal has so much to offer travelers, from the magnificent Bhimtal Lake and Aquarium on Bhimtal Island to Victoria Dam and Hidimba Parvat.


22. Kasauli 

Kasaul, 287 km away from Delhi, is a small town in Himachal Pradesh that doubles as a cantonment area and offers picturesque views of snow-covered mountain peaks, a comfortable climate all year round, and dense forests. You may have a fantastic camping experience in Kasauli, it is one of the best hill stations near Delhi within 300 kilometres. 


23. Lansdowne 

The crowning jewel of Uttaranchal, Lansdowne, is among the unique hill stations close to Delhi within 300 kilometers and is located at a height of 1700 meters above sea level. Anyone seeking peace will find Lansdowne ideal because of its pristine surroundings, pleasant climate, and lush slopes. It is 256 km from Delhi. 


24. Parwanoo 


A place, 295 km away from Delhi, where some of the best organic jams, and great juices of fruit are extracted. Parwanoo is, in fact, the closest hill station to Delhi if you take the road. Hence, making it a must-visit location with lots to do. Fun fact! A cable car run by one of the most well-acclaimed resorts there will take you across some of the most outstanding and glitzy scenes of Parwanoo.


While, as a tourist, you may not find hill stations near Delhi within a distance of 200-100kms, Delhi is a place which forms a common  hub to connect many places of great history, and culture. For the lovers of the cool and calm, the best hill stations near Delhi become a great place to find respite and rejuvenation at. 
For couples, a romantic hill station near Delhi — like Manali — becomes a spot of great tourist attraction. Auli, which is another hill station near Delhi for weekend, is a great getaway whenever you get free time. For lovers of hill stations, the nearest places to visit from Delhi also account for these beautiful locations. Hence, there’s not much to worry about.

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