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To-Do List: Top 10 Extreme Adventure Activities In The World

Adventure Activities
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Highlights :

  • These extreme adventure activities demand utmost safety measures.
  • Animals shouldn’t be hurt by tourists during travel.
  • Practicing and training beforehand help a long way.

Travelling has always been the preferred way to refresh one’s perspective towards life. Suddenly everything about life becomes interesting and delightful. But there’s something about adventure traveling that is like nothing else you will experience. Unpredictable challenges with a safety assurance are all you need to get your adrenaline levels to skyrocket. Come alive with these 10 extreme adventure activities in the world.

Most Famous & Extreme Adventure Activities

10. Skydiving In Australia

Australia is home to some exciting extreme sports, and skydiving is no secret. Solo skydiving is the best way to reconnect with yourself.

The breathtaking views of Australia become even better from the perspective of a skydiver. Australia has a lot of skydiving schools as well. For doing it alone, one needs to get licensed.

9. Jump From The World’s Highest Cliff In New Zealand

Cliff jumping is cool, right? Both metaphorically and literally! The Shotover Canyon Swing in Queenstown, New Zealand, is called the ‘Chair of Death’ because it throws you 360 feet into a canyon!

Imagine that. Ready to shake in cold air? Make sure you try this out!

8. Go Waterfall Rappelling In Costa Rica

One of the most appealing factors of Costa Rica is Waterfall Rappelling.

A little practice and you’re good to go! Along with Waterfall Rappelling, you can go along the Zipline as well.

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7. Bungee Jumping, Canyon Swing, Hang Gliding, etc. In New Zealand

New Zealanders have a unique way of enjoying life. That is, always jumping off high places.

Queenstown is the best place in NZ if you want to experience the best Bungee Jumping, Canyon Swing, and Hang Gliding.

6. Komodo Dragons In Indonesia

Visit the Komodo Dragons in Indonesia by boat. You can have a luxury ride or an even more thrilling budget ride. Spend days at the sea sleeping alongside your dragon friends.

Go snorkeling or play the guitar on deck! It’s your world, rule it.

5. Biking In Death Road Of Bolivia

Your personal guide will guide you through the downhill of 40 miles on a slenderly carved road into the mountainside.

Take your bike through the ‘world’s most dangerous road’ from La Paz. You can relax at the Ecotourism Resort there and have lunch.

4. Meet The Great White Sharks In South Africa

Your shark friends are calling you to South Africa. Cape Town and Mossel Bay in South Africa are home to great white sharks waiting to swim with you.

You can go scuba diving as well if you’re not into high risks.

3. Surf In Jeffrey’s Bay In South Africa

Surfing on the dangerous waves is something that is found on almost everyone’s bucket list. It’s the dream of the best surfers in the world and a haven for dreamers.

Get some advanced planning and training and the waves will love you. J-bay is talked about a lot for its hospitality and tourism.

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2. Full Moon Party And Fire Limbo In Koh Phangan

A fire party for the fire inside you? Definitely. Experience diving through fire hoops among several hundred party enthusiasts.

The Thai people are extremely talented at this, so don’t underestimate them even if your inner gymnast says you can outshine them.

1. Night Volcano Trekking In Indonesia 

Gazing at the stars is the best thing while hiking in the night, and a night volcano trek is even better. Get to the top in time for the best sunrise of your life. Sometimes, the top of the volcano can feel cold, so make sure to carry warm clothes with you.  Sometimes you come in contact with the clouds as well.

Pack headlights, gas masks, warm clothes and head out for an adventurous night trek under the stars on a volcano.


Although adventurous sports are fun, you need to prioritize your safety first. Take all the safety measures and avoid extreme risks. The ups and downs in life are best experienced on the most dangerous edges. Go have the time of your life in these 10 extreme adventure activities spots!

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