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Behind the Aranmanai 3: An honest review

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Before you decide to watch the movie Aranmanai 3 and hit your nearest theatres, it is better to have a brief idea of what you are in for. The movie Aranmanai 3 is turning out to be a shield for the director, it projects that he can continue at any point his other movies don’t perform admirably, to assist him with earning his film industry magic back. Made for both kids and family, this horror-comedy promises a good watch throughout.

Synopsis of Aranmanai 3

A young girl is haunted by a spirit in her home. She is then placed in boarding by her father who was furious because he thought that she was lying. Years later, a court ruling forces him to open a secret room, and all the people are shocked when nothing is found in the room. Later, his driver commits suicide. The young girl returns home to attend the driver’s funeral and feels the spirit again. She comes face-to-face with near-death experiences in the house.

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Movie Review

With the establishment of the Aranmanai franchise, Sundar C seems to have designed a safe zone for himself. These movies are turning out to be a shield for the director, projects that he can continue at any point his other movies don’t perform admirably, to assist him with earning his film industry magic back.

Post the first Aranmanai, he did the much-savaged Aambala. He made Aranmanai 2 just after that. Now, Aranmanai 3 has come after the catastrophes that were Vandha Rajavathaan Varuven and Action. It can be said that these motion pictures are basically critical testimony, that means, they are considered to be entertaining and delightful for youngsters and even grown ups can have a good laugh.

In this movie, the plot introduces Eswari (Andrea Jeremiah), who has been infringed by Zamindar Rajashekar (Sampath) and seeks revenge as a phantom against him and his daughter Jyothi (Raashi Khanna). Indeed, even as Sundar C (zamindar’s son-in-law) tries to find out the reason behind the ghost haunting his family, which consists of Saravanan (Arya), Jyothi and her love interest, has taken off to the royal residence under the impression of fixed work.

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Since this is the third film in the franchise, Sundar C appears to be feeling that the more, the merrier. Thus, we now have two star joke artists, three phantoms, thousand-appearing locations, and a ridiculous peak that equals that of the Kanchana franchise. The film does whatever it is expected to do. We get to have the jumpscares and we get some comedy as well (however, the movie is never as entertaining as the first part of the franchise).


Arya vanishes for huge parts of the film, Raashi Khanna looks beautiful, Andrea is quite sincere, and Sundar C seems very confident about dealing with the apparition. Vivekh gives us some of the mixed minutes and Yogi Babu does his comedy. Everything happens in a surprising style, and when the movie comes to an end, we neither feel overwhelmed nor disappointed. That, as it were, was the director’s goal.

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