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Tips For Buying Gold Online – The Beginner’s Guide

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Buying gold is like investing in an asset. You need to be very particular about what you buy, how you buy it, and the features of the asset. In the old days, buying gold used to be very time-consuming and confusing. We were bound to go to a local jeweler who’d show us limited pieces, and we had to choose from that. The digitization of gold has really brought a change in the buying habits of people, and research reports are proof that more people are buying gold online rather than offline. While you may be skeptical in the beginning, with a few tips you can become a pro at buying gold online.

1. Check Gold Purity

Before buying any gold piece online, you need to be aware of the purity of the gold. The gold quality determines the price you will have to pay for it. The purest form of gold comes in 24 karats. Pieces of jewelry are rarely made up of 24 karat gold as it is too soft to mold into any design.

22 karat and 18 karat gold are more popular among goldsmiths. 22 karat gold contains 91.6% pure gold. 18 karat gold contains 75% pure gold, and the remaining 25% comprises other metals. The more you understand purity standards, the better choice you will make while buying gold online.

2. Hallmark Certification

You must look for Hallmark on any and every piece of gold jewelry that you are planning to buy online. This certifies the gold purity. The Bureau of Indian Standards, or BIS, is the authority that officially certifies both gold quality and purity. Apart from checking the hallmark certification, you need to check the year of making, the mark of the jeweler, purity code, and the year it was marked.

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3. Find The Right Size

Bangles and rings demand you to know your exact size so that you can buy them online without trying them on, as all sizes will not fit your wrists and fingers.

Almost all online stores provide size charts for you to determine your size. When you buy earrings online, you must keep the shape of your face in mind, as all earrings might not suit your face. You can also opt for home trial options if provided.

4. Go For A Reliable Online Retailer

You need to research before buying gold jewelry online. Take your time before choosing a seller online. Check the authenticity of the retailer. If possible, go for a retailer who has years of experience, is well-known and well-established, and has a huge customer base.

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These customers provide you with genuine reviews and then you can decide for yourself if you should trust the seller or not. Trusting the online retailer is the most important factor when it comes to buying jewelry online. This is one of the most important tips for buying gold online.

5. Know The Return And Exchange Policy

Whether you want to return or not, you should check the return policy of the online retailer before buying anything. Sometimes, what you see online doesn’t meet your expectations when it reaches you. No need to get disheartened cause you can (almost) always return it or get it replaced.

Most online jewelry retailers, in their online return policy, offer a window of some days for you to return or exchange your items. However, there are exceptions and some retailers do not have a return policy. So, you need to know beforehand if you can or cannot return your purchased piece of jewelry later.

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