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Britney Spears Posts Emancipated Images On Instagram After A Long Time

Britney Spears Posts Emancipated Images On Instagram After A Long Time
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  • Britney Spears has posted a semi-nude image of herself on Instagram
  • She has clarified that just because she has posted images of her breasts, it does not mean that she is pregnant
  • The singer has been enjoying herself after being released from the guardianship of her father.

It seems that now that she is finally away from her father, Britney Spears is enjoying her wings of freedom. The star has recently posted some images on her Instagram account, which have made the eyes of her fans pop out from the sockets. Britney Spears has become very vocal about her needs and what she desires from her life recently. Let’s check out the details of the image and the post that she has made recently on her Instagram account.

The Image Posted By Britney Spears

Britney has posted an image of herself in white undergarments and red boots. She is topless and her hands are placed on her nipples to hide them. She has written that women are often restrained under layers and layers of clothes which make them uncomfortable. However, they cannot get rid of these layers as easily as a man can. She has elucidated her point by stating that when a woman feels warm in clothes and gets rid of a single layer, she feels free. She feels even more emancipated when she takes off these layers in public space. This is by no means stripping or sexually explicit behavior. The image is simply an expression of freedom.

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Understanding Her reaction

Britney Spears has recently been released from the custody of her father. There had been a “Free Britney” campaign organized by her fans when they had realized that this young pop star is not quite well under her father’s care. Several accusations were placed against Britney Spears’ father, and she has finally been released from his control now. It seems that she is enjoying her newfound freedom.

According to the experts, this kind of reaction is well-expected from someone who has received personal freedom after a long time. She has called her action to be a part of her exposure therapy. The fans are quite happy to see that Britney is finally leading her life on her own terms.

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What do you think?

What do you think of this post by Britney Spears? Do you think that it is healthy for her to build such a controversial image of herself after getting out of the custody of her guardian? Let us know your views in the comment section below. 

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