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The Biography Of Khudiram Bose – His Life Story, Slogan And Death

Biography of Khudiram Bose
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The nation saw huge protests soon after the release of the new ZEE5 web series, Abhay 2, in which the picture of the youngest martyr appears on the picture gallery of wanted criminals! While it is true that he should receive the same respect and honour as the other freedom fighters, it is also true that as his legacy was limited to West Bengal only, much of the mainstream discussions on the Indian freedom fighters don’t even count ‘desh bhakts’ such as Khudiram Bose, Masterda Surya Sen, the famous trio Benoy-Badal-Dinesh and others. But, who was khudiram bose? Let’s take a look at the biography of Khudiram Bose, the untold story of the pride of our nation and how Khudiram Bose died at a very tender age of 18, recording his name into the youngest martyrs of India’s freedom struggle. Read the article below to know more about the Khudiram Bose life story and Khudiram Bose slogan. 

who was khudiram bose

Who Was Khudiram Bose?

Though the youngest martyr might not have received his fair share in the golden pages of history, Khudiram Bose fought till his last breath to free our motherland from the tyrannous Britishers. On 11th August 1908 – Khudiram Bose, a Bengali revolutionary in India’s freedom struggle, was hanged! 

Biography Of Khudiram Bose – An Inspiration 

Born on 3rd December 1889 in the Midnapore district of West Bengal to father Trailokyanath Bose, young Khudiram learnt to deal with hardships from a very small age. The young boy lost his mother at the tender age of six and one year later, destiny snatched his father away from him. Since then, he was brought up by his elder sister. Soon, the young boy was admitted to Hamilton High School in Hatgachha village in the North 24 Parganas district. But, who knew that this young boy would later take India’s struggle for independence to another level and sacrifice his life for the nation? 

Since his childhood days, he was attracted to India’s struggle for independence. His desire was fueled when he met with Sri Aurobindo Ghosh and Sister Nivedita in 1902-1903. The public speeches of the duo inspired everyone’s patriotism and India saw the youngest freedom fighter who was Khudiram Bose, ready to do anything to free his motherland from the vicious clutches of the British. Enraged with the British policy of the Partition of Bengal in 1905, Bose joined the Anushilan Samiti, an organization of the revolutionists who took to violence to kick out the British Raj from Indian soil. 

Soon, the British forces found a young boy distributing pamphlets against the British government. At the young age of 15, the British police arrested Khudiram but were shocked to see his feelings for his motherland. Soon, Khudiram Bose mastered the art of bomb making, so much so, that he could even plant those bombs near the police stations targeting the British officials! But, though he actively participated in India’s struggle for freedom, the young fighter became a very common name in the list of freedom fighters for his attempt to assassinate British Magistrate, Sir Douglas Kingsford. 

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The Khudiram Bose Slogan

The biography of Khudiram Bose is incomplete without mentioning the popular Independence Day song, Ekbar biday de Maa ghure ashi, hashi hashi porbo phasi dekhbe bharatbasi (Mother, bid me farewell once, I will be back soon, India will watch me while I wear the noose with a smile). Such powerful lines were penned by poet Pitamber Das as an honour and tribute to the brave son of Mother India, who was Khudiram Bose. 

khudiram bose slogan

The youngest martyr of the Indian soil  gave a slogan, which continues to inspire us to dedicate ourselves for our country. The Khudiram Bose Slogan says – “Can there be a disease worse than slavery?”. He sacrificed his entire life for the freedom of our nation. Though his struggles are only limited to the boundaries of West Bengal, he never fought for any one community or group. Much like other freedom fighters, he also dreamt of an independent India – a India free from the atrocities of British rule. 

How Khudiram Bose Died – The Kingsford Assassination Attempt

Till now, we learnt the Khudiram Bose life story. But, a turning point came in his life when he, along with his associate, Prafulla Chaki attempted to kill the Muzaffarpur Magistrate, Sir Douglas Kingsford. The failed assassination attempt had spread in the country like wildfire and soon the Police caught young Khudiram and hanged him in jail. 

That is how Khudiram Bose died. Indeed, martyrs like Khudiram Bose might not have received the same honour and respect like other freedom fighters of Bengal, like Netaji and others did, but they still are, and will always be the pride of our nation – the pride of India! 

The Untold Khudiram Bose Life Story

The important part of Khudiram Bose life story began when Sir Douglas Kingsford was appointed as the Chief Presidency Magistrate of Calcutta. He became a target for the Indian revolutionaries for his harshness towards Indian people and freedom fighters. Being an opponent of the India’s struggle for freedom, he adapted violence and tortured  the Indians. When the British Raj came to know that certain assassination attempts were being planned to kill the magistrate, he was transferred to Muzaffarpur as the magistrate of the district. But, the brave sons of mother India followed the tyrannous official! Revolutionaries planned to plant a bomb in the court where Kingsford spent most of his time. 

khudiram bose life story

Later, the plan was rejected as this might lead to injuries of the local people.  Khudiram Bose and his associate Prafulla Chaki were handed over the task to assassinate Kingsford. The duo followed the magistrate for a while and learned his daily routine. Later, on 30 April 1908, they planned to attack Kingsford in his carriage during his way back from the club. As the horse carriage was in range for the bombing attack, the duo threw the bomb onto the passer-by. But, Destiny had different plans. The carriage was carrying Mrs. Kennedy and her daughter – the family of Pringle Kennedy, another Magistrate from the club. When the duo learnt of this failed attempt, they fled the scene. Bose walked for 25 miles and reached Waini station where he was handcuffed. Prafulla Chaki took his own life to avoid arrest. The news of the failed assassination swept the whole of India and the streets were flooded by the public to see Khudiram Bose. 

His trial was initiated on 21 May 1908. Though his lawyer tried his best to save the youngest freedom fighter, evidence against him were enough to prove his assassination attempt. Though the lawyers argued that he was too young to throw a bomb at anyone, the judges ordered the police to hand him in jail. When asked about the meaning of the death sentence, young Khudiram Bose smiled calmly and said – “Yes, I do and my lawyer said that I was too young to make bombs. If you allow me some time before I’m taken away from here, I can teach you the skills of making bombs too”. 

Soon, India lost her hero on 11th August 1908, and later the streets of Bengal saw huge protests against the order by the student communities. Newspapers like the Amrita Bazar Patrika published the news with the headline- ‘Khudiram’s End: Died cheerful and smiling’. It is said that while he was walking to the gallows, he smiled and for the one last time chanted the powerful words, Vande Mataram! The police officials were also left with wonder as to witness the bravery and courageousness of the young soul! 


As I sit to write this piece, I still remember my school days when we were taught about revolutionaries like Khudiram Bose who sacrificed his entire life for our nation, yet some sections of the society still consider such eternal heroes as the “Hero Of Bengal “ only! Truth be told, they might have belonged to West Bengal, but these revolutionaries did much the same thing as others did – fought for the independence of entire India and not just any state or community! The truth is that the untold story about the biography of Khudiram Bose –  a brave son of Mother India, continues to inspire many!

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