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Places To Drink On Streets In USA, Without Getting Booked

places to drink on streets in usa
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How about chilling in the street with friends holding a bottle of golden liquid? Or how about partying with close ones in the park with a white bottle? While countries like Spain and Germany enjoy their fullest with a chilled beer in hand while strolling the streets of the locality, most parts of America are missing the boat on this! This article will discuss the places to drink on streets in USA.

History Of The National Beer Day

national beer day


Beer is an age-old beverage that has its roots in the earliest civilizations. But, the sale and consumption of this age-old yeast brew were banned in the years between 1920-1933 due to the veto of the 18th amendment of Woodrow Wilson.

But, after his resignation, Franklin D. Roosevelt again legalized the sale, purchase, and consumption of beer!  But, the celebration came into existence when a Virginia craft beer examiner started celebrating 7th April, the day on which Roosevelt legalized the consumption of beer again as National Beer Day! 

While the majority of the US does not allow its citizens or visitors to roam around the city and enjoy a glass of golden brown drink, there are few places in the USA that are excluded from the container laws! This article will take you to the fun-loving places to drink on the streets in the USA without any penance!

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Places To Drink On Streets In USA – Where Is It Legal To Drink In Public

While the majority of the North American states have not yet legalized drinking on the streets, there are a few places where one can drink and get boozy on the streets in the USA. So, where is it legal to drink in public in the USA? 

1. Sonoma, California

Can you drink in public in California? The answer is a big yes! While it is not legalized to walk with a drink in public places, one can enjoy the various flavors of beer in most of the California city parks! While you can be penalized if you create fuss and disturbance around the town, the topmost wine town in the state offers its visitors and citizens to chill with a glass of beverage in the Sonoma Plaza in California. If you really want to satiate your taste buds while indulging in fun-loving events, don’t miss the County Harvest Fair!

2. New Orleans, Louisiana

While the answer to the question, can you drink in public in California is a big thumbs up, there are other corners in the country which allow for beer parties in the streets as well. New Orleans is one of the best places to drink on streets in USA, with locals partying and enjoying a chilled beverage in hand! The only restriction is in carrying a glass container! If you are a party freak, don’t miss Mardi Gras! 

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3. Memphis, Tennessee

World-famous for barbecue and a great cultural heritage, the Beale Street Entertainment District in Memphis allows its visitors to indulge in the beauty and malty flavors of the open beer containers! The Annual Beale Street Music Festival and Elvis Week are the biggest festival attractions in the suburbs! 

4. Kansas City, Missouri

Famous for its barbecue grills and jazz music, this entertainment town also allows open containers of beverages near the neighborhood! The perfect time to indulge in the festivals and entertaining events of Kansas is the summertime! Summer Witnesses are some of the biggest and most fun festivals in the town! 

5. Treasure Island, Florida

While the novel Treasure Island reflects full piratic vibes with the burial of historical treasures inside the earth, the Treasure Island city in Florida has much more to offer! It is truly an island of treasure with white Sandy beaches, adorned with crystal clear waters across the beautiful cafes and bistros! This land of paradise is more booze friendly with its public drinking approach, the only restriction being imposed on drinking in and around public beaches! The best time to indulge yourself in warm-weather activities is from February to early May! 


There are few other places to drink on streets in USA without any penalty and pesky restrictions are Savannah in Georgia, Hood River in Oregon, etc. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head out for the beverage cities in the USA where you can literally drink and enjoy yourself in the Streets! 

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