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The Significance Of Govardhan Story And How To Celebrate Govardhan

How to celebrate govardhan
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The next day of Diwali is celebrated as Govardhan puja by the Hindus. It is also known as Annakoot in some parts of India. So, are you aware of what is Govardhan story? If not, keep reading to know the significance of Govardhan and how to celebrate Govardhan festival.

What Is Govardhan Festival?

Govardhan puja is a Hindu festival that is celebrated to commemorate a mythological incident related to Lord Krishna when he saved the people of Gokul from torrential downpours by lifting up the Govardhan hill for their shelter.

The festival is also called Annakoot. Wondering how to celebrate Govardhan? The festival is marked by the offerings of food, usually 56 varieties known as Chappan Bhog, to the Govardhan hill.

Govardhan Story

According to the legends, Lord Krishna disagreed with the norm of worshipping Indra Dev because he didn’t find his rain-giving ability much worthy. Instead, he requested all the people of Gokul to worship Govardhan hill instead, since it provided them with most of the natural resources needed for survival. 

The people readily agreed, given the reputation of Lord Krishna. This angered Indra Dev and he caused continuous torrential downpours for about one week in Gokul. But Lord Krishna instructed everyone to come near Govardhan hill along with their cattle. 

There he uprooted the entire hill and placed it on his little finger as a roof. This saved the villagers and finally, Indra Dev accepted his defeat after getting to know that Lord Krishna was none other than a Vishnu incarnate.

Significance Of Govardhan

As per the Govardhan Story, the significance of Govardhan puja and Govardhan hill, both are related to the forces of nature. After the people of Gokul were saved, this tradition of thanksgiving began. 

People offer their vegetative produce and meals prepared by it in gratitude to mother nature and as a sign of respect towards the natural forces which are even more mighty than the gods.

How To Celebrate Govardhan?

While the celebration of Govardhan is held throughout the country in various ways and rituals, Lord Krishna’s birthplace, Brijbhoomi, i.e, Mathura and Vrindavan, celebrate it on a grand scale by giving the Radha Krishna idol a milk bath and dressing them in new clothes and jewellery. Here’s how to celebrate Govardhan puja at your home:

  • A mountain-like figure is made on clean ground with cow dung or gobar on the festival’s morning.
  • It is decorated with flowers, Rangoli and some people even keep their gold or silver jewellery on the heap as an offering.
  • Religious songs, kirtans, are done while the worshippers go around the cow dung hill several times. It is known as parikrama.
  • Offerings of sweets, vegetarian food and flowers are made.
  • Prayer to the Govardhan hill is done and devotees seek blessings for the protection of their families.
  • The puja is concluded with aarti.
  • People distribute the offered eatables as prasad to everyone in the house and neighbourhood.


The significance of Govardhan story is often seen as a way to educate the newer generation to always be down to earth and respect the natural ways of the environment. It inculcates a feeling of being thankful towards nature and divinity. We hope the information helps curb your curiosity and that you’ll have a good time celebrating Govardhan puja. 

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