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Govardhan Festival – Why Govardhan Puja Is Done?

Why Govardhan Puja Is Done
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You might have known that Govardhan puja is celebrated after Diwali. But why Govardhan is celebrated after Diwali? And do you know why Govardhan puja is done? Adding to that, why Govardhan is made of gobar, or cow dung? Learn all in the mentioned Govardhan festival’s story. Read all about Govardhan puja and also find the reason behind why Govardhan parikrama is done.

Why Govardhan Puja Is Done?

Govardhan puja is done in order to commemorate that mighty incident of cruelty as well as a motherly protective instinct of nature. 

As per the Govardhan story, the reason why Govardhan puja is done lies in the fact that we should always be thankful for everything that mother nature provides us with. It develops a sense of gratitude among people.

All About Govardhan Festival

There are many things to note about the Govardhan festival such as why it occurs on the next day of Diwali, what is the significance of parikrama, and much more. Read here to know all these answers.

Why Govardhan Is Celebrated After Diwali? 

Why Govardhan Is Made Of Gobar?

It is a well-known fact that Lord Krishna was very fond of cows. He admired them, played with them and took them out for grazing. Also, cows and their every part are considered holy and pure in Hindu tradition. 

Govardhan Festival

These are the reasons why Govardhan is made of gobar or cow dung. It represents the actual Govardhan hill of Mathura and people make these gobar Govardhan hills to worship them for blessings of a happy and obstacle-free life.

Why Govardhan Parikrama Is Done?

It is believed the person who does Govardhan parikrama can fulfil his/her desires and lead a peaceful life, this is why Govardhan parikrama is done.

Govardhan actual Parikrama or circumambulation of the hill is done around the Govardhan hill in Mathura, which is about 21 to 23 kilometres long, people also tend to do it around the Govardhan they make in their home with gobar. 

On Govardhan puja, it holds great importance since it helps worshippers be more devoted to nature and Lord Krishna, in general.


So, this was all about the importance of various rituals involved in the celebration of the Govardhan festival. Hindu tradition has always believed in the supremacy of nature and this is one of the many examples represented in the form of festivals. 

With Diwali coming to an end with Govardhan puja and Bhai Dooj, we hope that you have a successful and peaceful year ahead. Happy Diwali!

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