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All About Shivling Story, The Origin Of Lingam And Signs That Lord Shiva Is With You

S signs that lord shiva is with you hivling Story - The Origin Of Lingam
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Hinduism uses the Shiva Linga or Lingam as a symbol to depict Lord Shiva. As the most potent deity, Shiva Lingas—which stand for all of the forces of the globe and beyond—are incorporated into the temples constructed in his honour. But, what is the origin of Lingam? Well, this article will give you complete details about Shivling story, how to connect with Lord Shiva, and signs that Lord Shiva is with you. Also, know how to worship Shiv Linga.

Shivling Story – The Origin Of Lingam

In the past, Lord Vishnu was the first to manifest. He fed Lord Brahma a lotus from his navel, and the two of them then began to argue. The universe was created by me, according to Lord Vishnu, and Brahma Ji is where you came from. I am superior to you. As a result, Brahma Ji declared that since I am God and the beginning of creation happened from me, you are also my creation.

Shivling Story - The Origin Of Lingam

They began to argue more and more over this issue, and only then did the origin of Lingam take place. They create a Jyotirlinga between them, to which they both kneeled down and requested to reveal their true selves. Lord Shiva then appeared and enlightened them. As a result, today was considered to be Shivaratri.

What Does Shivling Indicate?

According to the Bhagavata Purana and Shivling story, the Supreme Lord creates the living things in this physical universe through the Shiva-linga. The material world is viewed as the mother of this cosmos, and Lord Shiva is its father. Lord Shiva & Goddess Durga are the names of the mother and father. 

Shiva-linga is the collective name for Lord Shiva’s genitalia and Goddess Durga’s vagina. This is where all material creation began. Because so many living things are conceived all at once, Lord Shiva’s impregnation of physical nature is beautiful.

Why Is Lord Shiva Worshiped In Linga Form?

In Hinduism, Lord Shiva is most frequently worshipped in Linga form. Shivling or Shivalinga are two names for it. The Linga sign is an opportunity to bring shape to the intangible Supreme Being, or Brahman, as it is known in Hinduism. Installing a Linga on a Yoni symbolizes the union of Shiva and Shakti, the start of creation. It is located in the middle of the temple, frequently in the centre of a disc-shaped, rimmed Yoni.

how to worship shiv linga

Linga is a symbol or sign in Sanskrit. Lord Shiva, the Supreme Being, has no linga, according to one of the earliest uses of the word “linga” in relation to Shiva in the Shvetashvatara Upanishad (sign or symbol). It is impossible to simply define Brahman or what constitutes Alinga.

Since it is impossible for the average person to pray to Brahman, who is beyond all characteristics, and since people require a form of worship, it is said in Sanatana Dharma that each person is free to describe the Supreme Being or Brahman in whichever way they find most comfortable. The Linga, which symbolizes the infinite, was one of the best ways to express the Supreme.

Why Are Shiva Statues Not Worshiped?

The legend has it that his father-in-law, Daksha, cursed him for not standing up to pay homage to him during a Yajna. Shiva rescued Chandra from his curse, which made him even more enraged. Shiva would be revered as a linga, according to the curse.

Signs That Lord Shiva Is With You

The signs that Lord Shiva is with you include:

Signs That Lord Shiva Is With You
Signs That Lord Shiva Is With You- Trending Reader
  1. Your ego will hit its lowest point ever as it will completely collapse.
  2. You’ll see that everything has its own essence and that nothing is beautiful or nasty.
  3. You won’t need the approval of people anymore; all you need is Lord Shiva’s and your own soul’s blessing.
  4. If you come across someone who is suffering or who is hungry, you’ll want to cry.
  5. You will value all people equally, regardless of their financial situation, physical appearance, or other traits.
  6. You will stop objectifying women and instead see them as human beings, not just as one gender.

Read on the next section to know how to connect with Lord Shiva.

How To Connect With Lord Shiva?

How To Connect With Lord Shiva
  1. Keep in mind that your actions are not controlled by your mind. You ought to exert mental restraint. The world is ruled by a healthy mind with optimistic thoughts, and the other senses are completely under control.
  1. You can experience unexpected benefits by beginning with a daily mantra practice of 108 repetitions, increasing by multiples of 216,432 as you go, and continuing.
  1. Daily visits to the Shiva temple, spend some time on the temple grounds and soak up the good vibes.
  1. Fasting can help our bodies get clean. Recite the “Rudrashtakam” mantra to assist you to get beyond difficulties in daily life.
  1. You can develop self-assurance, inner power, and achievement by reading Shiv Katha or stories about 16 Mondays of fasting.

How To Worship Shiv Linga?

  1. Before commencing to worship the Shiva Lingam, take a bath and change into clean clothing.
  2. The next step is Panchamrit Abhishek. This process involves combining five holy liquids, which are then poured over the lingam. 
  3. After the Abhishek, clean the lingam with Ganga water.
  4. Next, offer coconut, fruits, and sweets to the Lord.

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What Happens If We Worship Lord Shiva?

According to Hindu doctrine, Lord Shiva is regarded as the universe’s father. Of all the gods, he is the most divine. Worshipping Lord Shiva, sometimes referred to as “Maha Dev” or the greatest deity, gives prosperity, money, health, and mental calmness.

This was all about the origin of Lingam, Shivling story, and how to worship Shiv Linga. The above-mentioned signs that Lord Shiva is with you will let you understand whether you are on the right path in life or not.

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