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Tour de France History, Facts, List Of Winners, Where To Watch

Tour de France History
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The Tour de France history is as vast as a millennium pushing the limits of man and mechanics since it was first introduced in 1903. With many famous rivalries, the list of Tour De France winners includes famous names like Lance Armstrong, Miguel Indurain, and many others. Among many of the Tour De France facts, the most controversial was the allegations of doping and alcohol consumption by the participants since the start of the race in 1903. Did you realized how long is the Tour de France? Here is what you need to know about the list of Tour De France winners and Tour de France prize money.

A Glance At Tour de France

1500 miles is how long the Tour De France stretches across various stages. Being the most desired sport across the world, it comes with a lot of perks for the winners. Not only the winner is awarded Tour de France prize money but it is also celebrated as the best male athlete of all times, typically regardless of their gender.

Tour de France: Heart of World’s Cycling Fest

The most prestigious bike race in the world, Tour de France, with multiple stages and days across France and other countries is the biggest cycling event so far. Every year, the Tour de France is the first event on the cycling calendar and is watched by millions of people around the world. 

how long is the Tour de France

The race is the culmination of a long season for professional cyclists, who train and compete in multiple races, in the hope of being named the best in their category and to which an attractive Tour de France prize money is offered. The most famous cyclists in the world, including the list of Tour de France winners, often compete in the Tour de France, including Greg LeMond, Eddy Merckx, Bernard Hinault, and Miguel Indurain. 

Tour De France History: Origin and Purpose of Creation

The nickname Tour De France is officially licensed in France and is also one of the amazing Tour de France facts. The Tour De France history dates back stems from the first Tour de France in 1903, when a newspaper editor named Pierre Chardin coined the term, in reference to its location at the French-Italian border. 

Tour De France History: Origin and Purpose of Creation

The first-ever Tour De France was held in 1903 with the intention of increasing newspaper sales in the country. It was organized by French Sports Paper L’Auto in the hope that a high endurance race across the country would attract the general audience’s attention and give a rise to the drowning sales figures of the firm. It turned out into a highly successful venture as the race was a great hit, gathering a crowd of millions in Paris to witness the historic race of all times. The success of the race doubled the publication of L’Auto, somethingL’Auto, something much larger than the expectations of Henri Desgrange, the chief editor of L’Auto. 

How Long Is The Tour De France?

The modern Tour de France consists of 21 days and 21 stages, one stage every day, for a total of 21 stages. The tour lasts for 23 days including opening and closing ceremonies. Every year 20-22 teams, comprising eight players each, compete with each other for the greatest title of all times in cycling history. The total distance of 1500 miles spread across different terrains and stages is how long is the Tour de France. 

Tour De France Prize Money

Initially, the first Tour de France prize money was 20,000 Francs, later replaced by an apartment sponsored by the organizers. Cash prizes came back in 1990 again. The cash prizes were then divided only on a daily stage basis. 

list of Tour De France winners

Now along with the cash prize, the Souvenir of Henry Desgrange is given to the winner in the fond memory of the founder of Tour De France. 

List Of Tour De France Winners So Far

The Tour De France didn’t take place during both World Wars. 

WinnerTotal WinsYearsWinnerTotal WinsYears
Jacques Anquetil51957,61,62,63,64Eddy Merckx51969,70,71,72,74
Bernard Hinault51978,79,81,82,85Miguel Indurain51991,92,93,94,95
Chris Froome42013,15,16,17Philiphhe Thys31913,14,20
Louis Bobet31953,54,55Greg LeMond31986,89,90
Lucien Petit-Breton21907,08Firmin Lambot21919,1922
Tour De France Winners

The Controversial Tour De France Facts

  • Tour de France is the most desired sport event surpassing FIFA which is exactly opposite with around 13 millions spectators.
  • The account of Tour De France is incomplete without the mention of Lance Armstrong who was stripped of his consecutive 7 titles for drug consumption. This was the first in Tour De France history that a player was stripped of the titles. There is no doubt that he was the most famous cyclist of all time. 
  • The yellow jersey of the leader represents the yellow printing paper.
  • Every year new route is fixed for Tour De France
  • Every year Tour De France is highly controversial for doping cases. Doping is not new in Tour De France History.
  • The Tour De France received a lot of criticism due to gender-based participation but it left the notice of people that the female version took place during 1984-1989.
  • 1904 was recorded as the year of cheaters where a lot of cheating took place.
Tour de France: Heart of World’s Cycling Fest

Tour De France 2022 And How To Watch It

This year’s venture is gonna take place in Copenhagen with all the action starting from July 1st, 2022. The Tour De France 2022 will be broadcasted around Europe and the rest of the world can watch it online. In India, you can watch it on NBC and Peacock TV using a VPN.

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