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Ayurvedic Tips To Feed Your Skin And Make It Glow

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The magic of Ayurveda has charmed the experts of beauty since time immemorial. The nature of your skin reflects the overall health of your body. Frequent changes cause damage to your skin and need your attention. It’s important for you to curate your skincare routine according to the season and weather. Ayurveda teaches you to take care of your skin in every kind of weather. Below Ayurvedic tips will help you to bring out the best of your skin.

Follow These Ayurvedic Tips For Best Results

Blemishes, acne, cracked skin, broken skin, rashes, and breakouts mostly arrive at your doorstep without any warning. And you, unfortunately, can do nothing about it. But Ayurveda has your back now. It provides you with all the nutrition and growth your skin needs for maintaining its glow and health. You need to follow these ayurvedic tips to have an amazing skin quality.

1. Golden Rule: Drink Water 

It’s the most important part of your skincare routine. Water is pivotal in  your skincare diet. It is considered as an ideal way to save your skin from everything. You must include fruits and water in your diet whenever you can. Drinking enough water will force the toxins out of your body. Your inside health will reflect on your skin and it is evident in those individuals who drink enough water.

Ayurvedic tips

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2.  Ayurvedic Detox

Detox is an essential  part of one’s skincare and overall health. It helps in purifying the systems of your body. Your digestive system, excretory system, skin, and health need detox from time to time. Amla juice is a great option for detoxing your body and letting your toxins go. Amla boosts the production of collagen in the body which in turn boosts your skin quality and makes it look younger, and glowing . This ayurvedic trick helps remove dark spots and pigmentation It is also a natural detox which helps in balancing the hormones that trigger acne.

Herbs & practices that heal, rejuvenate and detox your body

How to make: Cut 5-6 amlas, make a juice out of it and mix it with honey and turmeric. Have it in the morning after waking up. Vitamin C in Amla helps improve the overall health of the skin. 

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3. Weather Specific Skincare 

The humidity in the air is reducing with the passing of each day  and our skin is moisture-deprived. So, moisturizing our skin is essential.. A mild and non-sulfated face cleanser can do the trick. . You should also get weekly facials and massages to maintain the texture and quality of your skin. Ingredients like Kesar, sandalwood, gold, vitamin C and lodhra are the best in your skincare products. Herbs like Tulsi and Neem also help in making your skin better.

How To Make: Mix powdered oats, and fat-free sour buttermilk.  It works best as a face brightener and cleanser. Rose petals work like magic on your skin and you should make the best use of them by mixing them with facial oils and cooling clays.

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The above Ayurvedic tips possess the magic to repair your skin and make it come alive even if it hasn’t been in its best shape for days. However, you should be consistent and patient with it to make it work.

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