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Spoiler-free Marvel’s Eternals Review: Worst Marvel Movie?

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Eternals has hit the theatre already and while many people were hyped up about it, it seems to not have impressed the critics and audiences as much as it was expected to. This star-studded movie, from which Marvel fans and critics had a lot of hope, has not matched their expectations. Apart from being a Marvel movie, it had also gathered the attention of the media as it starred many popular faces of the industry which included Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Kit Harrington, Richard Madden, and Barry Keoghan to name a few. 

Although it did upset Marvel fans and the critics, the movie is far from being a complete disaster. In this Marvel’s Eternals review, we will provide you with a spoiler-free analysis of the entire plot and let you decide if you should give it a go in the theatres for yourself.

Good Plot & Strong Character Development

Now, opinions about the movie from the press were born from somewhat severe or more familiarity. Many were quite unfamiliar with the myth behind the Eternals and had to complain that there wasn’t enough action featured in the movie. Although some might agree with this, on an overall basis, the movie has prominent action scenes and amazing character developments. 

The leading cast is one of the best in town and every cast has an important role in the movie. Name it and you have it. The cinematographers have done a great job in the movie and the uniqueness beheld by each character makes the audience wanna know more about it. The Deviants were the most exciting part of the movie and unlike anything that has happened in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) coupled with numerous twists and turns to quench your cinephile hunger.

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Just The Beginning To Immortality Of Eternals

The movie is  not a complete failure but  has tried to show a lot of things in a short period, thus hustling from one scene to another. That is quite acceptable for any introductory movie . But,  the best characteristic about the movie is the impeccable graphics and location. It portrays the flips and tricks of life and intertwines love, life, action,  and family perfectly. but the majority of the audience seems to have a problem with that. 

Families have problems although they love each other. There are people with the same mission but don’t get along. Relationships are based on trust and love but sometimes secrets come in between them and bring cracks in the relationship. Chloe Zhao had a marvelous approach in portraying these little things and that’s a major reason why we would look forward to the MCU movies. There are a couple of new heroes who have been introduced in the movie and their future movies await.

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The first half of Eternals might be a little disappointing but if you sit tight and hold on to your popcorn, you are sure to be treated in the latter half. As an introductory movie, it beholds a lot of promises for the future of the MCU.

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