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Facts About Jack Dorsey Twitter CEO: The Brain Behind Twitter

facts about jack dorsey
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Jack Dorsey, was born to an Irish father, Tim, who was employed at a company specialized in developing mass spectrometers, and a mother, Marcia Dorsey who was a stay-at-home mom. He completed his schooling at Bishop DuBourg High School, where he developed an interest in programming and dispatch routing! Later, this young boy from St. Louis, Missouri grew up to be the most versatile personality who founded two of the world’s highest profitable organizations, Twitter and Block! This article will take you to the ups and downs of Jack Dorsey Twitter CEO, and will share some of the unrevealed facts about Jack Dorsey. 

Facts About Jack Dorsey Twitter CEO 

In this section, we will unfold before you some of the lesser-known facts about Jack Dorsey Twitter CEO. 

1. Jack Dorsey’s Net Worth 

Jack Dorseyalong with his gf

Jack Dorsey started showing interest in programming from a very early age. His interest in this field further led him to embark on the journey of two business ventures, Twitter and the Square, which later was named Block. These successful business ventures earned him his net worth of around $6.3 billion as of 2022! 

2. Followed The Path Of Bill Gates! 

Both Jack Dorsey and Bill Gates are college drop out

Similar to other leading entrepreneurs and businessmen, Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO, also dropped out twice. Following the path of Bill Gates who left Harvard to found Microsoft, Jack Dorsey once dropped out of the University of Missouri- Rolla to get into the New York University. But, maybe destiny had other plans for him. Just before graduating from NYU, he backed out of his course in Computer Science and came up with ideas that developed the present-day Twitter! 

3. Family Life Of Jack Dorsey Twitter CEO 

Jack Dorsey's Mom kissing him

Born to Tim and Marcia Dorsey, Jack is still not known to be hitched to anyone! But, that doesn’t mean he never had any affairs. Quite often, he had been spotted with Kate Greer. He was also rumored to be in a relationship with model Raven Lyn Corneil. Though Jack Dorsey isn’t married at the moment thus there’s no existence of Jack Dorsey’s wife, he previously dated actress Lily Cole and ballet artist Sofiane Sylve. 

4. Designed The Dispatch Software In His Teenage Days! 

In his initial years of programming as a student, he was highly engrossed by the challenge of coordinating taxi drivers and vans through technology that needed to be in constant touch with each other for the smooth functioning of their business! Highly fascinated by the fact, he designed a dispatch software to help the taxi drivers map with their customers! They remained operational decades later.

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5. The Story Of Twitter – Does Jack Dorsey Own Twitter? 

During his graduation days at NYU, Jack Dorsey came up with an idea to design a new startup, which today is famously called Twitter! He then Approached Odeo, where Dorsey and Biz Stone designed a prototype of the social site! On 21st March 2006, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey sent the first public tweet, which read “just setting up my twttr.” He was appointed as the CEO of his startup firm! 

Jack Dorsey's first tweet after creating Twitter which reads just setting up my twttr

6. The Ups And Downs As The Twitter CEO

In October 2008, when Evan Williams joined Twitter as its CEO, Dorsey was appointed as the Board Chairperson. During his visit to Iraq in 2009 in a State Department Delegation, he came in contact with Jared Cohen. During protests for the Green Revolution in 2009 in Iran, in fear of the brewing unrest, the Iranian government shut contact with each other. In response to the shutdown, Cohen requested Dorsey to delay Twitter maintenance so that the public could communicate with each other through Twitter. He was again reappointed as Twitter’s CEO after the resignation of Dick Costolo, who has replaced Evan Williams. 

7. Support From Elon Musk Against Paul Singer

Elon Musk supported Jack Dorsey in his difficult times

Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey age 45 years, received tremendous support from fellow entrepreneurs like Elon Musk and Vitalik Buterin against Elliott Management who planned to replace Dorsey with Elliot’s senior portfolio manager Jesse Cohen and other members.

8. The Square

Jack Dorsey after creating Square

Dorsey and his mentor, Jim McKelvy designed “Square“ in 2010, which was built for accepting debit and credit card payments. It is available as both an Android and an IOS version. Dorsey is reported to hold approximately 24.4℅ of the company’s shares! 

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9. The Bitcoin Advocate 

At a Bitcoin conference, “The B Word”, Jack Dorsey said that he would be working for Bitcoin, had he not been into Twitter and Square. 

10. Not A Perfect Communicator Or Nerd 

In a meeting with “An Hour“, he admitted that he is a silent person as opposed to peoples’ assumptions about him as a public speaker. In another statement as a reaction to the Forbes article, he said that he doesn’t consider himself a nerd! 

11. Social Works 

He donated to India’s Covid relief in the year 2021. He also funded the girl’s education and health and did not step away from donating to the cause of planting trees, led by YouTuber MrBeast. 

12. Awards

Jack Dorsey after receiving innovator of the year award

He has received various awards throughout his journey as a Twitter CEO. He received an award in 2012, by The Wall Street Journal for the “Innovator Of The Year Award” in Technology. In 2013, Forbes considered him the world’s most eligible bachelor! 


The life journey of Jack Dorsey Twitter CEO was not a bed of roses! Though they were financially well off, he had to struggle to reach where he is today! He is a true inspiration for our youth! 

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