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Know All About Hillary Clinton: The First Lady Of US

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Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton was born on 26th October 1947. She is an American lawyer, diplomat, politician, writer, and public speaker. Hillary served as the 67th secretary of state, as the United States senator from New York, and as the first lady of the United States from 1993 to 2001. She was the first female senator from New York and also simultaneously became the first First Lady of the US to have held elected office. Let us have a look at her life and some interesting facts about her.

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Journey As The First Lady Of US

In the presidential campaign of Bill Clinton, a very important role was played by Hillary Clinton as she greeted the voters, gave speeches, and acted as her husband’s chief advisor. She became the talk of the nation when she showed up on a television news program called 60 Minutes. She urged the people to vote for her husband based on his record and also added that if the people did not like what they saw, she asked them not to vote for him. “Heck, don’t vote for him”, has remained as one of the most iconic moments of her life to date.

Flashback: Hillary Clinton as First Lady

She was, however, also a victim of heavy scrutiny and many conservatives complained that she had an agenda of her own because she used to work for liberal causes. Hillary has also been in the spotlight for her financial dealings and this has led to major investigations after she became the first lady of the US.

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Hillary Clinton was also criticized for firing seven staff members from the travel office of the White House and for being involved in legal maneuvering during the Whitewater investigation by the White House. By 1996, she was playing more of a traditional role as the first lady of the US.

Her first book was published in 1996 with the title “It Takes A Village: And Other Lessons Children Teach Us”, and in this book, she wrote her views on child-rearing.

Lewinsky Controversy

President Clinton’s affair revelations with an intern of the White House, Monica Lewinsky made all the heads turn in Hillary’s direction but it was not in a pleasant way. She, however, stood by her husband faithfully throughout the scandal. Her husband first denied it and later admitted that he had a sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky. 

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During this period, the public had varied opinions about her- some admired her strength and poise while her private matters were being released in the public. Many sympathized with her while others accused her of staying in a failed marriage and criticized her by justifying that she was an enabler in the indiscretions of her husband. 

Final Words

Hillary Clinton has been an inspirational figure for many American women and other women around the world. Apart from being the first lady of the US, she was also a social activist and advocated for the rights of children. She has been a popular figure in the political history of America even though she lost the elections in 2016 against Donald Trump.

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