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Unknown Facts About Jeff Bezos, Journey of World’s Second Richest Man.

facts about jeff bezos
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Jeff Bezos, the business tycoon, and e-commerce giant owns the title of the world’s second-richest man. After graduating from Princeton University and working at New York City’s Wall Street as a McDonald’s fry cook, he launched Amazon working in his garage and used to hold meetings at Barnes and Noble with ex-wife MacKenzie Bezos to run the e-commerce platform, Amazon.

The Journey Of Jeff Bezos, World’s Second Richest Man

Before becoming the world’s second-richest man, Jeff Bezos came from a humble and down-to-earth background. He was the son of a young teenage mother and grew up with an absent father. She was aged 17 years when she gave birth to her son Jeff in 1964 and was a junior in high school at that time. She was not permitted to study and finish her education there. Later after strict conditions were imposed, she was allowed to return back and finish her education. Later, Jacklyn divorced Bezos’s biological father, Ted Jorgensen within a year of marriage. His biological father was a unicyclist and performer at the circus. 

With a young child in her arms, his mother struggled and toiled hardships to make ends meet and raise her son. She desired to make their life better and enrolled in college where professors permitted her to bring her son along. Later she married Mike Bezos, a Cuban immigrant to father her son. Bezos’s biological father and he reunited after decades whereby Bezos stated he has no ill will against him. Proceeding this, Jorgensen died on March 16, 2015, at the age of 70. Bezos was extremely dedicated and promising towards his career from a young age.

Amazing Facts About Billionaire Jeff Bezos

Here are a few amazing facts about Jeff Bezos the world’s second-richest man and owner of the robust e-commerce platform Amazon:

1. Jeff Bezos Started His first Business In High School

Trung Phan 🇨🇦 on Twitter: "In 1980, a 16yo Jeff Bezos began working the  grill at McDonald's. Instead of offering teen Bezos the CEO job, McDonalds  made the greatest corporate gaffe ever
Jeff Bezos worked as a fry cook at Mac Donald’s

When in high school, Bezos and his girlfriend launched their very first business, an educational summer camp for students of younger standards called Dream Institute. Bezos and his girlfriend charged attendees 600 dollars per head. He also worked as a food fryer at McDonald’s for summer.

2. Bezos Worked At Wall Street In The 1990s

Jeff Bezos: A Brief Anthology - The New York Times

Bezos has been interested in engineering since childhood. After graduating from Princeton University, holding a degree in computer science and electrical engineering he continued to work with financial firms on Wall Street in NY. He worked hard and became the Vice President at D.E. Shaw’s and later left the position as he followed his dream of launching an online store.

3. Amazon Was Founded In Bezos’s Garage

Andy Logic on Twitter: "Some chap called Jeff Bezos working in his garage,  c1999. I wonder what became of him and his company... inspiring." / Twitter
Bezos working in Amazon’s first office

Launching the prototype of the Amazon website and asking 300 friends to beta test it, Bezos and other employees started to develop software for the site in Bezos’s garage. There was such a space crunch that Bezos had to call for meetings at local Barnes and Noble. The team later started its business operations from a 2BHK apartment. Bezos’s first wife, MacKenzie played a major role in founding Amazon after the couple filed for a divorce after 25 years of marriage. She received a 25% stake in Amazon.

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4. Cadabra Instead Of Amazon was previously known as - Did You Know?

Jeff Bezos was initially going to name his e-commerce platform Cadabra instead of Amazon as he wanted to give it a magically sounding name. He was warned by his former lawyer not to do so as Cadabra sounds like Cadaver over the phone. The name Amazon came from the largest flowing river as he was building the largest bookstore in the world.

5. Bezos Is The Owner Of Washington Post

Jeff Bezos owns The Washington Post

In 2013, Jeff Bezos had an estimated net worth of 25 billion dollars when he purchased this newspaper company for 250 million dollars. The company’s shares rose in a few hours post-trading by 5.5% and he turned this struggling company into a profit and success.

The Bottom Line

These are a few amazing facts about this giant e-commerce owner and billionaire, none other than Jeff Bezos. He is a promising man with a great vision and has made a great impact on the internet era.  

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