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Deltacron Variant: Know everything about the new virus

deltacron variant
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The University of Cyprus has detected a new Covid variant Deltacron which reportedly has a similar genetic background to the Delta variant summed up with 10 mutations from the Omicron variant. This dangerous variant-Deltacron has already affected 25 people in Cyprus.

Deltacron Variant Detected By Cyprus

Dr. Leondios Kostrikis, the head of the laboratory of biotechnology and molecular virology at the University of Cyprus reports 25 samples were collected in Cyprus where 14 were from the general population and 11 were hospitalized affected by the virus. 

He also states that it is to be seen in the future if this strain is more pathological or more contagious and if it will prevail over the delta and omicron covid variants. In his personal view, he states that this strain will be displaced by the highly transmissible and dangerous omicron variant of Covid-19.

Views Of Cyprus’s health Minister of Deltacron

The University of Cyprus, the Health Minister Michalis Hadjipandelas quoted that the new variant of covid- 19 Deltacron is nothing to worry about at this very moment as there is a high possibility that this new strain has not been found anywhere else around the world. These cases are reportedly sent to GISAID an international database that records and tracks developments in the coronavirus. 

There are chances of a new variant arising as the existence of Delta and Omicron and their trading of genes. 

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What Was Detected In France?

France reportedly detected a variant with 46 mutations and named it IHU. As reported by the French government it has infected 12 people in France. This variant poses a greater risk than the Omicron variant and is more transmissible and on the other hand is less dangerous than the Delta variant. 

Situation In US and Israel

Cases of continuous Covid-19 cases and flu have been recorded in the United States and Israel. In the United States Flurona was detected among two young children whereas it was detected in Israel in a pregnant woman. 

The Bottom Line

This is all you need to know about the new Covid-19 variant Deltacron which has emerged in Cyprus having a genetically similar background to the Delta variant and some mutations from the Omicron variant. This discovery has made the Cyprus team proud and has put them on the international map when it comes to health issues. 

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