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Avani Lekhara Bags Two Paralympics Medals This Year

avani lekhara
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Highlights :

  • Avani Lekhara bags two medals in the Paralympics, becoming the first Indian woman to do so.
  • Lekhara has secured a gold medal and a bronze one in the Paralympics of 2020.
  • 19 years old Avani is not satisfied with her performance and states that she could have done better.

India has already put up a stellar performance in the Paralympics. Like a true sportsperson, Avani Lekhara has stated that although she has become the very first Indian woman to win two Paralympics medals, her performance could have been better. Nothing else could showcase the indomitable spirit of this young shooter. She mentioned to the press that she could have performed better but her nerves got the better of her in the final hour. Nevertheless, it can never be denied that the entire country is extremely proud of her achievements. With the massive haul of 19 medals till now in the Paralympics, India has been a bright star in the sporting events.

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Avani Lekhara, The 19 Years Old Wonder

Avani Lekhara is just 19 years old and has already won the gold in 10m air rifle shooting in this year’s Paralympics. To the pride of the nation, she has also added a bronze medal to her accomplishments in the 50m rifle shooting event. Avani was already the first Indian woman to have won a gold medal in the Paralympics. She has added to the pride by getting the prestigious bronze medal in the same edition of the Paralympics. Multiple medals in the same session of the Paralympics is a great achievement for any player.

Not Satisfied With The Bronze

With a mirthful voice, Avani Lekhara has stated that she was not satisfied with the solitary gold in her collection. She wanted to do something more for her nation, and hence, the struggle to acquire another medal. She has added that her last shot in the 50m rifle shooting event could have gone better. She is not at all satisfied with her bronze medal. We as Indians can hope that this willpower and strength to do better will bring more medals for the nation in the future. The country is looking at Avani Lekhara with eager eyes, waiting for her next win.

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Check Out Her Game!

Did you watch Avani Lekhara in the Paralympics 2020? If you haven’t, you should definitely give it a watch. You can see the calm confidence oozing out of this young player in her events. The entire stance is sure to inspire you!

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