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Rules Of Karva Chauth Fast For Newly-Wedded, Engaged, Pregnant And Unmarried Ladies 

rules of Karva Chauth fast
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Karwa Chauth is a festival primarily meant for Hindu women. They celebrate Karwa Chauth and observe the fast in order to be blessed by God to have a happy married life and their partner’s longevity. But there are some rules of Karva Chauth fast to be followed. Karwa Chauth rules for unmarried girls are slightly different than the women having their first Karwa Chauth after marriage. Whether you following Karva Chauth after engagement or Karwa Chauth in pregnancy, here are some things you should keep in mind. Read more.

Rules of Karva Chauth Fast

Rules of Karva Chauth Fast

Here are some common rules for all the ladies fasting in Karwa Chauth:

  1. According to the rules of Karva Chauth fast, the mother-in-law should give her daughter-in-law ‘Sargi’ in the morning, before sunrise.
  2. Married ladies should dress up in the traditional marital attire, commonly known as, ‘solah shringaar’ before they go for puja in the evening.
  3. Married women should refrain from eating or drinking anything during the fast, for the puja to be successful.
  4. They should wear bright and auspicious colours like red, yellow, green, orange and pink during Karwa Chauth.
  5. Ladies who are observing fast should not use scissors, blades, needles or any sharp cutting objects, according to the customs. Knives are an exception since they are needed to cut fruits and vegetables.
  6. Women are expected to apply ‘Henna’ mehndi on their hands since it is a symbol of their partner’s devotion.
  7. The Karwa Chauth Katha and Pooja in the evening should be done compulsorily for Karwa Chauth to be declared as successful.
  8. The fast should be broken by drinking little water. Avoid consuming fried and heavy food immediately as it can cause you an upset stomach.
  9. The woman’s family should also have a vegetarian meal on the day of Karwa Chauth to keep the sanctity of the celebration.
  10. If possible, married women should definitely offer Baya to their mothers-in-law. It is a gift of food, clothes, jewellery or utensils given to the elder women by their young daughters-in-law. Do not forget to take her blessings after giving it.

First Karwa Chauth After Marriage 

First Karwa Chauth after marriage is a special moment for newlywed girls. The excitement, devotion and emotional attachment are something they’ll be cherishing even after numerous fasts they’ll keep in future for their beloved husbands. 

But, how is the first Karwa Chauth after marriage different from the later ones? Read the rules of Karva Chauth fast for first-timers below:

  • The first Baya specially curated by the daughters-in-law for their mothers-in-law create a bond between them that’ll be adored forever.
  • For the first Karwa Chauth, the new bride is dolled up heavily in her bridal dress and jewellery to attend the puja in the evening. 
  • The wait for the moon to rise is an entirely special affair for first-timers. They wait with their husbands usually, to break their fast and later, when the husbands feed them water, they touch their feet for blessings.
  • Receiving gifts for the first Karwa Chauth after marriage from her husband is also a special moment for the newlywed woman.
first Karwa Chauth after marriage
first Karwa Chauth after marriage- Trending Reader

Karwa Chauth Rules For Unmarried Girl

Are you also fasting in Karwa Chauth in hopes of finding the perfect life partner? Well, here are some Karwa Chauth rules for unmarried girls:

  • Sargi is the last meal eaten before fasting in Karwa Chauth. While Sargi is given by the mother-in-law to her daughter-in-law, this wouldn’t be possible for an unmarried girl. Thus, they can get up in the morning before sunrise and have anything vegetarian, healthy and filling. 
  • Fast-breaking Karwa Chauth rules for unmarried girls vary slightly from those of married. Unmarried girls can break their fast by looking at the pole star as well. And they don’t necessarily need a sieve.
  • According to the legend, in Karwa Chauth, Lord Shiva, Parvati, Ganesha, Karthikeya and the moon are worshipped. But unmarried girls can simply worship Lord Shiva and Parvati and listen to Maa Karwa’s Katha. 
  • For unmarried girls, it is not mandatory to keep fast without drinking water. They can just keep a fast without eating.

Karva Chauth After Engagement

Rules for Karva Chauth after engagement are very similar to that for unmarried girls. Since the girl isn’t customarily a married woman yet, they do not need to keep a waterless fast or break it upon seeing a moon. They also don’t need a sieve to gaze at the stars and break their fast.

Karwa Chauth In Pregnancy

While many pregnant women also keep fast, they should do it with precaution. Karwa Chauth in pregnancy should only be kept after having a consultation with your doctor. If they suggest you should not skip meals, please refrain from keeping the fast. You can simply do the pooja and not observe fast.


In the year 2022, Karwa Chauth falls on the 13th of October. And if you are also doing this fast, we wish you a very happy Karwa Chauth. Also, we hope you will have a happy married life ahead. May Maa Karwa bless you!

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