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The Story Of Lord Vishnu And Lakshmi Marriage

Lord Vishnu And Lakshmi Marriage
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The figure of Lakshmi, draped in a red sari, bedecked with gold jewellery, seated on a lotus, pot in hand, accompanied by white elephants, adorns most Hindu homes and businesses. Read this article to know about how was Lakshmi born, Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi Marriage story, and Vishnu and Lakshmi separation curse. Also, there are many questions such as why did Saraswati cursed Lakshmi and why Vishnu and Lakshmi have no children. They are described in the below sections.

Goddess Lakshmi – The Goddess Of Fortune

Lakshmi is the goddess of money, fortune, power, grandeur, charm, fertility, and auspiciousness, among other things. She embodies the promise of material happiness and fulfilment. Her arms are lifted to bless and grant, and she is described as restless, playful, yet maternal.

How Was Lakshmi Born?

Lakshmi was created by the gods and demons stirring the primordial milky ocean ( Samundra Manthan), according to the Mahabharata. It is how was Lakshmi born. Lakshmi mysteriously appeared from this ocean of clarified butter dressed in white and emanating youth and beauty, thanks to Brahma and Vishnu’s involvement. 

Because of this, the goddess is sometimes referred to as Ksirabdhitanaya, or “daughter of the sea of milk.” Lakshmi instantly sought Vishnu’s protection, and it is stated that she resides on Vishnu’s chest, giving origin to one of the god’s alternate names, Shrinivas, which means ‘the dwelling place of Sri.’

Lord Vishnu And Lakshmi Marriage Story

It was customary for a lady of marriageable age to choose her own better half back then. This was known as ‘Swayamvara.’ All of the Asuras, Devas, and Gods hoped the lovely Goddess would select them. All the Asuras, Devas, and Gods were gathered in front of Goddess Lakshmi. Vishnu, the Dark God, drew her attention with his beautiful sparkling eyes and naughty grin. Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi were staring at one other.

Lakshmi smiled and garlanded Lord Vishnu, preferring him over everyone else. Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi marriage was authorized by the Gods. They all assumed she was the Goddess Supreme, who had assumed the form of Lakshmi in order to become Lord Vishnu’s significant other – his strength and solidarity.

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Vishnu And Lakshmi Separation Curse Story

Indra became suspicious of Narada once when he was so engrossed in meditation. He sent Kamadeva to tempt him out of his meditative state. A lovely girl appeared from Kama’s arrow and tried to seduce Narada but in vain. Kamadeva accepted the loss with grace. “Go and inform Indra that Shiva is not the only powerful one; I, too, have conquered all temptation,” Narada remarked. 

Then Narada began boasting about his accomplishment. He went up to Shiva and informed him what had happened. When Shiva saw him flaunting himself like this, he cautioned him not to speak to Vishnu, but Narada ignored his counsel. He brags in front of Vishnu, but Vishnu only responds. “Be on the lookout.” Narada’s hubris had obliterated his ability to read Vishnu’s warning. 

On his journey back, he noticed a lovely city and learned that it was ruled by a monarch named Sheelanidhi. When Narada arrived at the palace, he was informed of Sheelanidhi’s daughter Shrimati’s swayamvara. He was enthralled by Shrimati Narada’s presence. He immediately recognised her as Laxmi’s manifestation and realized that she could only be married to a man as great as Vishnu. Narada began plotting how he could obtain Vishnu’s grandeur in order to marry her.

He went to Vishnu and asked for a face that looked like Hari’s. His wish was granted by Vishnu. Unfortunately, Narada was unaware that Vishnu’s other name, Hari, signified monkey as well. As a result, Vishnu bestowed a monkey’s face to Narada. Narada, unaware of the princess’s monkey face, begged for her hand at the swayamvara. Narada was humiliated and laughed at by all, and his ape face was displayed.

Enraged by the lord’s humiliation, Narada Muni attempted to insult him by calling him a misdadiger, a power abuser, an egotist, and so on. And cursed him, saying that in one of his avatars, he would have to search for his wife and face the agony of being apart from loved ones. Furthermore, the monkeys, whose faces were given to him by the Lord, will only be of use to him. This Vishnu and Lakshmi separation curse was given to Lord Vishnu. Know why did Saraswati cursed Lakshmi in the next section.

Why Vishnu And Lakshmi Have No Children?

Lord Shiva reassured the Devatas that he would carry out their requests. The Devatas claimed that the soil would bear the brilliance that had already been stirred up when it was unleashed. Then Shiva released his seed, which inseminated the land, as well as woods and mountains. 

The Devatas believed that the ground could not handle the weight of his radiance, so they asked the Fire-God and the Wind-God to help. Sarvana was created as a result of the Fire-efforts. God’s Kumara Swamy, a remarkable young man, came from it. He was regarded as a son of fire since he was born through the fire deity and the tremendous radiance of Shiva, and he was also known as Kartikeya because he was born in the Kritika stars.

Goddess Parvati or Uma cursed the Devatas in a fit of rage since everything had happened according to their plan and wish. ‘You blocked me from having a kid, and as a result, you will be incapable of having children via your wives,’ she stated. Your ladies will remain sterile from now on.’ This is the reason why Vishnu and Lakshmi have no children.

Why Did Saraswati Cursed Lakshmi?

According to Vishnu Purana, Ganga, Saraswati, and Lakshmi were all Vishnu’s co-wives. Saraswati was envious of Vishnu’s affection for Ganga after she spotted them smiling at each other one day. 

Saraswati expressed her feelings to Lakshmi, who remained silent on the subject. Saraswati, enraged, cursed Lakshmi with life as a tree. Ganga was enraged and cursed Saraswati, who cursed her back. Due to the quarrels among Vishnu’s 3 wives, he send Goddess Saraswati to Lord Brashma and Goddess Ganga to Lord Shiva.

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