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Draupadi Murmu – The Next President Of India 2022?

Next President Of India 2022
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A state of mutual tension began to spread as the presidential elections were announced. This is yet to know who will be the next president of India 2022? The NDA-BJP this Tuesday announced Draupadi Murmu as their valid BJP presidential candidate. While Yashwant Sinha is suggested as the Congress presidential candidate 2022. Read this to know who is Draupadi Murmu and about her journey from a tribal woman to the President of India is truly a story of inspiration and toil.

Who Is Draupadi Murmu? – BJP Presidential Candidate 

The 64 years old BJP 2022 presidential candidate, Draupadi Murmu was born on the 20th of June, 1958. Murmu holds her roots in Odisha, belonging to a tribal community. She started early as a teacher and later entered Odisha Politics. She won MLA elections from Rairangpur in Mayurbhanj twice (2000 and 2009). 

Her political career took off when she won as a councillor and then became vice-chairperson of Rairangpur, Odisha (1997). In 1997 itself she was elected as the state vice-president of the BJP’s ST Morcha. 

Things To Know About Draupadi Murmu

Things To Know About Draupadi Murmu
  1. Throughout her political career, Draupadi Murmu held many important positions in the BJP party. She led the saffron party’s ST Morcha as a national executive member for a while from 2013-2015. 
  1. In the year 2000 when the coalition government of BJP-BJD came into power, Murmu was assigned to the departments of Commerce and Transport. She also served in the departments of Fisheries and Animal Husbandry. 
  1. In the year 2015, Draupadi Murmu took the oath as the first female Governor of Jharkhand. 
  1. During the course of her life, she has seen various ups and downs in her personal life. She lost both her sons and husband to a heart-wrenching tragedy.
  1. If the number game falls in the favor of NDA and Murmu as she is the BJP presidential candidate and if she is elected as the next president of India 2022 then she would proudly hold the title of the first tribal female president and second female president after Smt. Pratibha Patil. 
  1. According to the sources, her name already did rounds during the 2017 presidential elections but the party significantly chose Ramnath Kovind for the position. 

The NDA played its best card by choosing Murmu for the candidature by sending a political message of lifting the status of tribal people in Indian Society and choosing her as the next president of India in 2022. 

Prime Minister Wishes For Draupadi Murmu

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is quite confident in putting his trust in Draupadi Murmu that she will make a “great president”. 

Prime Minister recently tweeted, “Draupadi Murmu Ji has devoted her life to serving society and empowering the poor, downtrodden as well as the marginalized. She has rich administrative experience and had an outstanding gubernatorial tenure. I am confident she will be a great President of our nation”. 

Millions of people, especially those who have experienced poverty and faced hardships, derive great strength from the life of St. Draupadi Murmu Ji. Her understanding of policy matters and compassionate nature will greatly benefit our country,” – Prime minister continued. 

Yashwant Sinha – Congress Presidential Candidate 2022

To counterattack, the opposition combined including the Congress, the NCP, and the TMC, announced Yashwant Sinha, former Union Minister, as a presidential candidate without any exception. According to the combined statement, Sinha is qualified enough to handle the prestigious status of the Indian Republic and the constitutional values of the nation. 

The ruling NDA party shares a vote share of 48 percent in the electoral to select the new candidate, this allows an upper hand to Murmu against the opposition congress presidential candidate 2022. Some efforts may have to be made to give a tough fight to the opposition. 

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Who Will Be The Next President Of India 2022?

The most awaited presidential elections would take place on the 18th of July to elect the rightful successor to Ram Nath Kovind. The results would be announced on July 21, revealing the fate of Draupadi Murmu and Yashpal Sinha.

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