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How Hackers Are Using The Name Of Apple To Scam The Clients

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  • Hackers have stolen a huge amount of money with the name of Apple enterprise. 
  • Almost 1.4 million USD has been stolen with this method. 
  • Hackers have made use of cryptocurrency to get their needs fulfilled. 

According to one of the news sources, a group of hackers has stolen about 1.4 million USD through different sources on the online platform. They have made use of the dating platforms, the cryptocurrency exchanges, and even some of the dealings of Apple enterprise as well. This has led to some global economic concerns. 

It is quite concerning that the hackers are able to steal the assets of the people even though these are kept under maximum security. The scam had been going on for a long time and it had been able to steal a major portion of earnings from the sources mentioned above. 

Information Given By Apple Enterprise

The Apple enterprise has been informed that the scam has been going on for at least 6 months. It has consolidated all kinds of funds that pass through the iOS system. The scam was conducted with the help of strategic planning. Any of the hackers would develop a very strong relationship with the person who they wish to scam. The relationship of trust can enable them to trick their customers into opening one of their accounts in an unknown cryptocurrency exchange platform. This helps them to exchange their cash for currencies that do not exist. Hence the money goes directly into the pocket of the hacker and the person is left without his or her assets. 

Losses Incurred By People

A single person has lost about 87,000 USD through this means. This is absolutely devastating. The total value that has been estimated to be scanned is about 1.4 billion USD. Apple enterprise has refused to claim any kind of responsibility in this case. This is mostly because they did not have any direct influence in this kind of scam. The fake Apple webpage which had been created was far from the jurisdiction of the original website. It is indeed foolish to blame Apple enterprise for the loss that has been incurred by several people through these exchanges. 

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What Do You Think?

Hackers and scammers have increased in a major number with the development of technology. Most companies often warn their clients to check out the authenticity of the pages before making monetary transactions with them. Do you think it was the fault of Apple enterprise at any account? Let us know your views in the comment section given below. 

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