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Shocking Demise Of Rohit Sardana During The Covid-19 Calamity

demise of Rohit Sardana
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  • Rohit Sardana passes away from a heart attack after recovering from covid
  • Everyone expressed their grief at the demise of Rohit Sardana
  • PM Modi has also issued a statement for Rohit Sardana from Aaj Tak on his Twitter. 

When people die in a national calamity or pandemic, often they are names to the regular viewers who are safe and sound in their houses. However, as the crisis deepens, one can place images on these names. Similar has happened to a news anchor on Aaj Tak. Rohit Sardana, a senior journalist and news anchor today. After recovering from the covid virus, he breathed his last because of a heart attack. The sad demise of Rohit Sardana shook all of us this morning. 

Life Of Rohit Sardana

Sardana worked with Aaj Tak after he had left his work with Zee news. He was the host of the popular debate show “Dangal”, and soon, he became a popular face on Aaj Tak. He was a senior journalist and winner of awards like Ganesh Vidyarthi Puraskar in 2018. Rohit was quite a famous face on television, and he had an impressive voice and a strong command in the shows he hosted. 

Condolences On The Demise Of Rohit Sardana

Condolences started to pour in from every part of the nation after the demise of Rohit Sardana. The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, tweeted about the country losing one of its most prominent voices. The Congress spokesperson also conveyed his regret over such a bright journalist who died in his years of accomplishment. Jaiveer Shergill expressed his shock over the unexpected news as Sardana had recovered from the corona before. 

Rohit Sardana was a popular name in journalism. He had a special quality while hosting the shows. He was very well known because of his charismatic personality on television as well. His close people have shared memories that depict him as a kind and loving man. It is indeed a loss for the nation when a man of his caliber breathes his last in the age of pandemic. 

 The Show Must Go On

It is not quite sure how many more deaths we will witness during this pandemic. It is now a dark day for journalism. But as the profession says, they will not be stopped. Journalists will keep on reporting on news that occurs in every corner of the country. Rohit Sardana has been a strong upholder of democracy. It is expected that the ones who follow him will do the same. 

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