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Kamadhenu Cow Story, Vastu Benefits, How To Worship And Where To Keep?

Kamadhenu cow story
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Hindu mythology refers to Kamadhenu, also recognized as Surabhi, as the mother of all cows. She is a heavenly bovine deity. Read this to know Kamadhenu meaning, Kamadhenu cow story and Kamadhenu significance. Due to Kamadhenu cow Vastu benefits, people keep Kamadhenu statues in their homes. But, where to keep Kamadhenu cow at home? This guide will help you to know the same. Also, know how to worship Kamadhenu

Kamadhenu Meaning 

Goddess Kamadhenu is frequently represented as the mother of the eleven Rudras in addition to being a magical “cow of plenty” who gives her owner anything he/she asks for. This was the meaning of Kamadhenu. Let us know about the origin of Kamadhenu and Kamadhenu cow story in the next section.

Goddess Kamadhenu Cow Story

Hindu mythology describes a conflict between the gods and devils. But the gods and demons were able to work together to churn the oceans for the milk of immortality. Not just the nectar but also various gods, plants, magical items, poisons, and Kamadhenu, the cow, all materialized from that churning. The nectar was ultimately reserved for the gods.

The Saptarishis, the 7 great sages, were chosen by the devas, or gods, to receive Kamadhenu. The sacred cow provides them with ghee and milk for their religious rites, called Yajnas. She eventually became the sage Vashista’s property.

Surabhi or Kamadhenu is described in the sacred Hindu epic Ramayana as the daughter of Kashyapa, one of the seven sages, and his wife Krodhavasa, who was born of Lord Brahma.

Surabhi is said to be the daughter of Daksha and Sage Kashyap’s partner in the Vishnu and Bhagwat Purana. These were some stories about Kamadhenu Cow.

Placement Of Gods In Kamadhenu Cow

It is claimed that Kamadhenu, a type of cow, houses all of the gods. She has four legs that represent the Vedas, three horns that represent the triune gods Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, eyes that represent the moon and sun gods, and shoulders that represent the fire deity Agni and the wind god Vayu, and legs that represent the Himalayas.

Placement Of Gods In Kamadhenu Cow

Kamadhenu Cow Vastu Benefits

The cow and calf sculptures, a symbol of total health and wellbeing, can help you bring the wonderful influences of wellness, wealth, success, peace, achievement, and positivity into your home.

One of the most important Kamadhenu cow Vastu benefits is that the cow with calf statues is thought to be beneficial for a household where a couple is having fertility issues.

How To Worship Kamadhenu?

It may be kept in your puja room. If your home practices daily puja, you can present flowers, incense sticks, diya, as well as other images or idols. You may also leave flowers there every day or keep them on your desk at work. 

Offering real cows food like bananas, vegetables, and fruits is preferable to idol worship. These options produce excellent outcomes for you. This is all about how to worship Kamadhenu to get her blessings. Know where to keep Kamadhenu cow at home in the next section.

Where To Keep Kamadhenu Cow At Home?

For Hindus, the cow is the most revered animal. As a result, the statue of a cow and calf is a typical Vastu object found in almost all Indian households.

Where To Keep Kamadhenu Cow At Home

According to Vastu principles, the Kamadhenu cow statue should be kept in your home’s prayer room, which is a common feature of Hindu homes.

The Kamadhenu cow monument can be positioned outside your front door as well. Hindu homes frequently keep livestock near the front door, particularly in rural areas. Cows are a symbol of the household’s prosperity and fortune.

Kamadhenu Significance

Now, let us know more about goddess Kamadhenu significance. Hinduism refers to the heavenly cow goddess Kamadhenu, also known as Surabhi, as Gou Mata, or The Mother of All Cows. She is frequently described as the mother of other cattle and is a magical cow of abundance who gives her master anything he asks for.

A statue of the Kamadhenu, especially one in which she is accompanied by its calf, Nandini, is said to bring good luck, success, and a general sense of well-being to your home in addition to granting your wishes, in accordance with Vastu principles. The Kamadhenu, a mother figure, is thought to keep all ailments away from your home.

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