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Evolution Of Mickey Mouse – From A Mischievous Character To A Charming Hero

Mickey Mouse
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Mickey Mouse! These two words are enough to take us back to our carefree childhood days when we would spend hours watching this legendary TV show! While Mickey Mouse is such a cartoon character that will be loved by generations, the initial forms of the Mickey Mouse differed a lot from the most recent versions. So, when was Mickey Mouse created? This article will take you back in time to Disney World and will throw light on the evolution of Mickey Mouse. Read this to know some interesting facts about Mickey Mouse. 

Evolution Of Mickey Mouse

On 15th May in the year 1928, Walt Disney debuted in the animation industry with the launching of his Mickey Mouse cartoon which premiered Plane Crazy, and later Steamboat Willie with proper sound effects and music were released.

How And When Was Mickey Mouse Created? 

Before we directly jump into understanding the evolution of Mickey Mouse, let us first shift our focus to when was Mickey Mouse created? According to reports, Walt Disney, the creator of Mickey Mouse never actually created a Mouse in the first place! He designed a cartoon character called “Oswald the Lucky Rabbit” which recorded many hits in his name until Disney found that his creation was sold to Oswald! 

Frustrated and upset over his failure, he and Ub Iwerks after many sleepless nights introduced Mortimer, the Mouse with shorter ears than the previous one. But, Disney’s wife didn’t like the name Mortimer as it sounded arrogant and so the name Mickey Mouse was finally decided. 

Followed by these incidents, Mickey Mouse debuted on-screen with the release of “Steamboat Willie” with proper music and sound effects. Before Steamboat Willie was a hit, Plane Crazy was already released! This was the beginning of an era that till now holds its monopoly in the animation industry. 

Mickey Mouse saw huge success in the years to come – with the introduction of the Mickey Mouse fan club for children, among other things. 

Evolution From A Mischievous Personality To A Romantic And Kind Hearted Character 

As mentioned before, the modern version of Mickey Mouse is something that features no resemblance to its previous forms. In the debuted cartoon, Plane Crazy, viewers were introduced to a young and mischievous character who was always up for fun and thrill. 

Followed by Plane Crazy, in Steamboat Willie, Mickey recognizes himself as someone who is in love with the essence of music and goes on to impress his other half, Minnie Mouse. While his character could be found transitioning from a young and cheerful personality to a more calm persona in the upcoming cartoons, Mickey Mouse underwent many physical changes. 

In the debuted cartoon, one can see that there were no gloves or shoes for the protagonist until the year 1928, which finally featured Mickey’s shoes. One year later in 1929, the oversized gloves were introduced to Mickey Mouse in the cartoon, When The Cat’s Away. 

Evolution of Mickey Mouse

Not only his gloves and shoes but his eyes and pupils also transitioned over decades. During its initial phase, his eyes were redesigned from oversized to small ovals giving a more cute and innocent-looking Mouse. In the year of 1935, The Band Concert was released publicly featuring red-colored shorts on the protagonist. 

From the year 1935 to 1938, with the involvement of Fred Moore, the Mickey Mouse was redesigned again which featured a more soft and cute physique with a calm and kind-hearted personality which was quite liked by the audiences. Again in Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Mickey Mouse was changed from having oval black eyes to proper pupils! 

Facts About Mickey Mouse 

  1. While the audiences never witnessed the marriage of Mickey and Minnie, it was confirmed that they were married off-screen. The voice artists for Mickey and Minnie, are real-life husbands and wives. 
  2. Though Mickey Mouse was introduced to the public during the era of silent films, with time when dialogues were introduced, the first words that came from Mickey Mouse were “hot dogs”.
  3. As they say, it all started with a Mouse! Walt Disney was introduced to the idea of designing Mickey Mouse by a trained Mouse at his desk. 
  4. The Band Concert in 1935 was the first colored Mickey Mouse cartoon. 
  5. The Mickey Mouse that we see today wears white gloves. But, during his initial days, Mickey did not wear any gloves. It was during the year 1929, that the cartoon Opry House was released which witnessed Mickey wearing white gloves. 
  6. Mickey Mouse is considered the first cartoon character who has recorded his name on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Star. The Star is now positioned at 6925 Hollywood Boulevard.

The Legendary Cartoon Character Who Survived Time 

With the evolution of Mickey Mouse, his physical features evolved into the modern-day Mickey Mouse with proper pupils wearing red shorts and white gloves! While Mickey Mouse is now a global hit, the name of Walt Disney will always be associated with Mickey Mouse first and other characters later. 

The creation of Mickey Mouse earned Walt Disney an Oscar in the year 1933, but with the release of other Disney cartoons such as Sleeping Beauty, Mickey Mouse lost his shows, but today the fan base remains constant as it was decades ago. So, what are you waiting for? Fly to Disney World to witness the evergreen legend! 

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