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How McDonald’s Started – The Story Of The Golden Arch

How McDonald's Started
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Besides the global success of business ventures such as Coca-Cola, McDonald’s is another famous restaurant chain around the world that has recorded its name in the international food market. But, though Kroc was the mastermind behind the global success of McDonald’s, who was Maurice and Richard? How McDonald’s started? 

This article will walk you through the story of the evolution of McDonald’s from a simple restaurant to today’s global success and will throw light on the lesser-known facts about McDonald’s – the global food joint. 

How McDonald’s Started?

The Story Of Maurice And Richard McDonald’s Brothers

Before the global spread of McDonald’s, there was an “Airdrome” in California where a man used to sell cheap hamburgers and orange juice. Followed by his success in the year 1940, his two sons, Maurice and Richard McDonald introduced a barbeque restaurant in San Bernardino in California that focused on selling mostly barbeque, among other things. 

Soon after the brothers realized that most of the profits were recorded under the selling of hamburgers and they returned to selling hamburgers, besides cheeseburgers, apple pie, French fries, and milkshakes! While the venture was very new to the food industry, new techniques in food preparation fueled its growth. They focused on cooking the food items prior and kept them warm under high-powered heat lamps so that when customers ordered the food, they could serve them immediately, which made more people land at their place. 

These were the initial days of McDonald’s which later brought a revolution to the startup! So, how was Kroc introduced to this small but successful venture? How did McDonald’s start in its full-fledged way? 

How McDonald’s Started As A Global Success? – Unknown Facts About McDonald’s

The story of the expansion of the giant food joint began with the involvement of Ray Kroc who was originally a supplier of the Multimixer milkshake machines and took over the responsibility of expanding the business throughout the country because McDonald’s brothers were unwilling to do so! In 1953, they started franchising their venture to Downey and Phoenix, after which they were not ready to expand it further.


In 1954, with the introduction of Ray Kroc to McDonald’s, the food joint opened in Illinois in 1955. While there were other locations where McDonald’s opened first, the organization considers the Chicago food joint as the first-ever Original McDonald’s as this branch saw phenomenal growth and development in the food market. 

Is The First McDonald’s Still Open? 

While answering how McDonald’s started, it became clear that while the first-ever venture was opened in California, the success stories of McDonald’s began in Illinois and Chicago. Though McDonald’s now has its branches worldwide, the San Bernardino and Illinois now have been converted to McDonald’s museums exhibiting the Multimixer milkshake machines, besides soda barrels and grills. The museum also introduces its visitors with vintage advertisements and videos on how McDonald’s started and its evolution into the modern world as a global food joint. 


By the end of 1961, Kroc finally bought the brothers for millions and ran the business monopoly. But the following years witnessed hardships for the organization as it was sued for selling unhealthy foods and struggled to survive in the international market. But, McDonald’s is all about strength and willpower.

The story of how McDonald’s started and how it enjoys a monopoly in the international food market is an inspiration in itself. With competitors such as Burger King, it has 35,000 restaurants worldwide with a customer base of more than 50,000 a day!

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