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Get 50% Off On Your Bills At Restaurants – By Queenie Tan, Finance Expert

get 50% off on your bills
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Queenie Tan a young lady aged 25 years from Sydney has a whooping and impressive net worth of $500,00 which she has been growing and multiplying over the past five years by investing in property and the stock market. This article reveals how to get 50% off on your bills at hundreds of restaurants.

She is a finance guru and reveals how to save 50 percent off the bill at hundreds of restaurants. 


  • Queenie Tan, a finance guru shared how she scored 50 percent off the bill while dining out.
  • On Tik Tok Queenie Tan reveals she uses the food service website’s first table. 
  • Half the total cost is deducted when diners book the first table at a venue.
  • Although a $10 booking fee is charged and provided the booking is done earlier.
  • Her Tik Tok video has received a high number of viewers, viewed more than 56,000 times. 

Queenie Tan’s Revelation On How To Get 50% Off On Your Bills While Dining Out

Queenie, the finance expert, has revealed how to save 50 percent off your total bill while dining out at cafes or restaurants. Queenie Tan, aged 25 years, from Sydney, said she books reservations using the booking service First Table, an international restaurant discovery website. She says half of the total cost is removed when diners book the earliest available table at one of these partnered locations or venues. She also adds that there is a $10 fee for booking from this website but she thinks it is totally worth it. 

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The booking needs to be done prior, she also adds, for diners needing to book either 5:30 pm or 6 pm to secure the first table and receive a 50 percent discount. Diners across the country can pick from hundreds of restaurants and venues and have a choice of various cuisines, this, in turn, creating a great opportunity to explore new restaurants or cafes at just half the cost.  

Queenie Tan’s Tik Tok

Queenie Tan, the finance guru also in her recent and latest Tik Tok video shared the website recommendation which has now gone viral among her audience and her video has received more than 56,000 views.

She has received positive responses from her followers and viewers. One of the viewers says, “It is a great idea and a good way to save money when dining out”. “That’s so smart. This is great”, was quoted by another viewer. “This is wonderful”, was stated by another follower. Queenie Tan received numerous views and positive feedback from her viewers over her Tik Tok video which has gone viral. 


Queenie also shares how to save money at McDonald’s. Queenie Tan, a young 25-year-old finance guru shares how to get 50% off on your bills at hundreds of restaurants and while dining out. She shares with her viewers these tips and tricks on how to save money while dining out and try various new cafes or restaurants offering different cuisines.

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