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12 Proven Tips To Remove Holi Colour From Face And Skin

Tips To Remove Holi Colour From Face And Skin
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Holi is one of the most vibrant and colourful festivals celebrated in India. Every year, people come together to enjoy the celebration of colours and express their joy with dance and music. During the festival, participants cover themselves in bright colours while they party with friends and family. However, when the festivities are over, you are left with a tie-dye effect on your skin. So what’s a person to do? Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered! In this article, we will be sharing 12 tested and proven tips on how to remove Holi colour from face and skin. 

Here, we will tell you some tested tips for how to remove Holi colour from face and skin. Also, these simple home remedies are effective and safe for all skin types. So let’s get started.

Best Tips On How To Remove Holi Colours

Holi Colours

1. Use A Gentle Cleanser

When it comes to removing Holi colours from your skin, the first thing you should reach for is a gentle cleanser. A simple cleanser helps by lifting and washing away the colours without scrubbing too hard. Using a gentle cleanser is one of the best tips for how to remove Holi colour from face and skin.

For best results, look for mild and natural cleansers with ingredients like essential oils, botanical extracts, and vitamins to nourish your skin. Avoid using harsh products that strip away natural oils or contain sulfates; these can irritate your sensitive skin.

Be sure to lather up with a generous amount of cleanser and massage it gently into your skin in circular motions. Rinse off with lukewarm water and repeat as needed until the colours have lifted away. After each wash, pat dry your skin with a soft towel to avoid irritation.

2. Go Natural With Oils And Fresh Produce

Removing colours from your skin can be tricky and time-consuming, especially when dealing with stains that won’t come out in one wash. Instead of resorting to harsher chemical-based cleaners, try going the natural route first. Oils, specifically coconut oil and mustard oil, are effective remedies for lightening the colours on your forehead and cheeks. Mix it with besan or organic clay and apply it as a face mask for 20 minutes. Wash off gently with lukewarm water to reveal softer and brighter skin.

Fresh produce like tomatoes and lemons are also great natural cleansers that can help remove unwanted colours as well as unclog pores and give you a bright complexion. Make a mixture of tomato pulp with two tablespoons of milk, cream, or yogurt—the bleaching properties of tomatoes will help remove hard-to-remove colours while milk, cream, or yoghurt will soothe the skin after harsh scrubbing. For those stubborn pink stains, slice a lemon in half and dip it into some sea salt. Rub it on the affected areas for 10 minutes before taking a shower to get rid of any Holi-colour residue.

3. Exfoliate To Get Rid Of Stain Residue

Nobody likes that annoying stain residue left after you’ve washed off the Holi colours. But here’s the bright side: it can be removed! Exfoliating is a terrific way to rid yourself of Holi-colour residue. Here’s what you need to do:

how to remove Holi colours
  • Start with oil: Start by massaging some coconut, sunflower, or olive oil over your skin. Let it sit for 20 minutes before you shower.
  • Choose an exfoliator: Choose a gentle exfoliator like oatmeal, sugar, or lime and make a paste with water. Gently massage the paste over your skin in small circles before rinsing it off with lukewarm water. Be careful not to scrub too hard, otherwise, it may irritate your skin.
  • Moisturize: Lastly, don’t forget to moisturize! While exfoliating helps get rid of dirt and residue from the Holi colours, it could also strip away natural oils from your skin, leaving it dry. So make sure you use a good moisturiser after exfoliating for maximum results!

4. Try Cleansing Milk And Balms

For a gentler, more hydrating solution, cleansing milk and balms are great for removing Holi colours from your skin. Many are made with nourishing ingredients such as almond and coconut and can help to hydrate and soothe your skin while dissolving the colour. Additionally, they may help to moisturise the deeper layers of your skin, which are left parched after lots of exfoliating and scrubbing.

5. Take Advantage Of Stain-Removing Powders

No matter what your skin type, there are plenty of stain-removing powders to choose from. They are even formulated especially for use during Holi and often contain natural ingredients like gramme flour, fenugreek powder, turmeric, and sandalwood, which can help in the removal of stubborn colours.

Their gentle treatments can be effective in removing the Holi colours without irritating or drying out your skin. Plus, they will leave you feeling silky smooth and ready to enjoy the colourful festivities again next year!

6. Steam Away Problematic Areas

Sometimes, even after scrubbing away, there are still stubborn Holi colours that just won’t budge. Don’t worry—we’ve got the perfect solution for you. Steam away problematic areas, and it will help loosen the colour off your skin. 

Steam can be used in combination with other methods such as cleansing oils, soaps, moisturizers, and masks to help restore balance on all levels of your skin—physical, mental, and emotional—while removing any remnants of Holi colours that may be left behind!

7. Remove Stains With a Mixture of Lime Juice and Curd

Stains can be very stubborn, so to get rid of them, you can use a mixture of lime juice and curd. The acidity in the lime juice combined with the lactic acid in the curd will help to break down the molecules of the colours, making them easier to remove.

To use this method, begin by mixing two tablespoons of lime juice with one tablespoon of curd. Apply this mixture over the stained areas, and you should start noticing a difference within minutes. Gently massage it into your skin, then leave it on for five minutes before rinsing with water. If you don’t have curd on hand, yoghurt will also work just as well!

8. Dab On A Paste Of Multani Mitti And Rose Water

Looking for something natural and gentle to remove Holi colours from your skin? Try dabbing on a paste of Multani Mitti, also known as Fuller’s Earth, and rose water. Not only is this increasingly popular combo better for your skin, but it also works like a charm!

Using this simple technique can help you get rid of even tough colours without irritating your skin or causing any damage to your complexion. Plus, the natural ingredients also help to cool and soothe inflamed skin—a win-win!

9. Make A Mixture Of Sandalwood And Coconut Milk

One of the traditional methods of how to remove Holi colour from face and skin is to make a paste out of sandalwood and coconut milk. Sandalwood is known for its cooling, antiseptic, and lightning properties, while coconut milk is renowned for its moisturising and emollient benefits.

To use, just mix the two ingredients together until you get a thick paste that can be applied directly onto stained areas. Let the paste sit for a few minutes before rinsing with room-temperature water. You can also apply this mixture all over your body as part of a relaxing spa treatment! Keep in mind, though, that it will take several applications over time to fully remove the colour from your skin.

10. Douse The Area With Baking Soda

You might not know this, but a good way to get stubborn Holi colours off your skin is by using baking soda. Just douse the area with some baking soda and let it sit for about 10–15 minutes—it helps to gently exfoliate and dissolve the pigments from Holi colours while moisturising your skin.

What makes baking soda so effective? Well, baking soda is an alkaline compound made up of sodium bicarbonate, which can help reduce inflammation, itchiness, and redness. And because it’s so mild and gentle, it won’t irritate or damage your skin while removing colour.

11. Add Toothpaste To The Mix For Better Results

One of the lesser-known tips for removing Holi colours from your skin is adding some toothpaste to your cleaning regimen. This might sound strange, but once you know more about why this works, it makes sense. When you mix a small amount of toothpaste with your facial cleanser or body scrub, it serves as an extra abrasive; this combination will help remove stubborn stains from your skin. 

While toothpaste is designed to scrub the surfaces of your teeth, it does have small particles that are capable of scouring away an excess colour from your delicate skin too. Plus, since toothpaste usually contains menthol or other components that have a cooling effect, it can also help soothe any irritation or itching caused by Holi colours that may remain on your face and body.

So if you’re having trouble getting rid of those last dregs of colour, add a bit of toothpaste to your favourite cleanser and work it into a lather. You’ll be surprised at how well this combination works!

12. Use Makeup Remover Towelettes To Erase Colours

If you have a lot of Halloween colour stains on your face or body, you should consider using makeup remover towelettes. These are designed to be gentle on your skin while effectively removing tough makeup and even Halloween colours.

To use this method, all you need to do is wet one towelette with lukewarm water and gently wipe away the Holi colours from your skin. Make sure that you don’t press too hard as this can cause irritation, and avoid rubbing back and forth; simply move the towel in a circular motion until all of the stains are removed.

In short, makeup remover towelettes are an easy and convenient way to get rid of stubborn Halloween colours from your face and body. With just a few wipes from one of these handy clothes, you can watch as your Holi colours disappear!


Armed with the knowledge of the best and safest ways of removing Holi colours from your skin, you’re all set to enjoy the festival of colours without worries. While indulging in the revelries, remember to take all the necessary precautions and use natural, home remedies or commercial products for removing the colours. Most significantly, drink plenty of water and continue to moisturise your skin all day.

You can maintain beautiful skin and hair throughout the Holi festivities, though it might require a little additional work and these 12 tips on how to remove Holi colour from face and skin.

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