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How To Get Natural Makeup Look For Wedding – Ace Your Base With Us

natural makeup look for wedding
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As the proverb goes, “Life isn’t perfect, but your makeup can be!” Gone are the days of full glam makeup with tons of foundation and a bold red lip! The makeup industry is continuously evolving. Trends such as Korean natural makeup look keep flooding into it. But, it becomes overwhelming at times to keep up with all the beauty trends. This article will share a few tips to ace your base to achieve that super dewy and natural makeup look for wedding. This nomakeup makeup look or the natural makeup look on brown skin will look great on different skin types! So, without further ado, let’s get into everything, makeup! 

Why No-Makeup Makeup Look?

Sometimes it becomes really tough to recreate all those Instagram-inspired bold makeup looks! So, is there any solution for makeup lovers who want to vibe with makeup, but don’t want to spend too much time and energy on it? Well, nude and natural makeup can be your best friend in this. While it might sound easy peasy, achieving nude and natural makeup isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. 

How To Get Natural Makeup Look For Wedding

You must have seen Korean natural makeup look trending on social media and dreamt of recreating them on your big day. Those juicy and super dewy and glowy skin, with no cakey or textured look, is everyone’s fav. And we’re sure that you are also no exception!

natural makeup look on brown skin

But, how to achieve a no-makeup makeup look for your D-day, without making you look all cakey? Let’s take a glimpse into it. 

Step 1: Cleansing The Skin

The first step is to remember that a natural makeup look for wedding is all about prepping your base to perfection. A no-makeup makeup look is all about getting that dewy, yet non-greasy skin that looks well hydrated and nourished! So, how to get that glow from within? Make sure you clean your skin.

Step 2: Double-Cleansing

This takes us to our next step. Remember, no makeup, irrespective of how pricey it is, will look good on your skin unless you feed your skin with nutrients from the inside out. While eating nutritious foods is important, hydrating and keeping the skin moisturized can be a game-changer. Before applying any makeup product, make sure that your skin is properly clean. You can always go that extra step and opt for double-cleansing. We are sure that you will love the post results. 

Step 3: Hydrate Your Skin

After cleansing, applying any hydrating toner+essence is a must. While people with oily skin can skip toner and go for an essence directly, dry skin folks should never shy away from hydrating their skin well before makeup. 

Apply a good hydrating moisturizer to your damp skin and massage it well to let your skin absorb everything. Dry skin people can always seal everything with any facial oil. Don’t forget to use a thin, moisturizing eye cream if your under-eyes are dry and wrinkled!

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Step 3: Use A Primer

Now that you are done with your skincare, the important part comes into play! To achieve the perfect Korean natural makeup look for wedding, never forget to apply a skin priming oil or cream. Choose a primer according to your skin type. If you suffer from extreme oiliness, go for mattifying ones which help to even out pores and control excess oil production. 

If you are someone with dry skin, look for hydrating and nourishing primers. For that natural makeup look on brown skin which is matured and has textures, look for hydrating+mattifying primers that hydrate as well as even out everything. 

Step 4: Apply Foundation 

Now comes the most important part. You would not like to go for a full coverage foundation and concealer to achieve that Korean natural makeup look! The no-makeup makeup look calls for applying low to medium coverage foundations and glowy skin tints that do not look cakey and too much on the skin. Apply them in dabbing motions and blend them well with a sponge. Always warm up the product before applying it between your fingertips to achieve super glowy and juicy skin. 

Step 5: Use Color Correctors And Concealer

Apply color corrector on the problematic areas of your skin and finish it off with a high-duty concealer that matches your skin tone. For that natural makeup look for wedding, you can also add brightening concealers to your makeup to get that ethereal glow. 

Step 6: Use Highlighter

After you are done prepping your base, grab a heavy-duty highlighter, preferably cream products to look all glowy and heavenly. Apply them on your cheekbones, bridge of the nose, Cupid’s bow, and the high points of your face, and blend blend blend! 

Step 7: Apply Blush And Eye Makeup

Finish everything with a peachy pink nude blush for your cheeks. Apply the same blush on your eyes for the perfect natural makeup look on brown skin! Also, don’t forget to apply eyeliner, Kajal, and mascara for those wide sexy eyes.

Step 8: Use Power

Swipe a little powder over your face and finish everything with a setting spray to make your makeup stay in place all day! You can always spray them in between to refresh your look. Adorn Jewellery and your beautiful wedding dupatta.

No-Makeup Makeup Look

Get That Natural Makeup Look On Brown Skin 

This wedding season, raise the bar high with a natural makeup look for wedding. While the majority of brides opt for heavy makeup, you can always stand out from the crowd! 

We hope that this article on the natural makeup look for wedding will help you to look all glowy and ethereal for your big day. Remember, keep yourself hydrated and take proper care of your skin from the inside out to achieve radiant makeup on your D-day. The key is: Love your skin and it will love you back!

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