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Ford Motor Company History – Henry Ford Assembly Line Impact, Model T, And His First Car

Ford Motor company history
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One of the most extraordinary and influential industrialists of America, Henry Ford, revolutionized the automobile era. On 16th June 1903, the Ford Motor Company was founded by Henry Ford and 11 other associate investors. He may not be the inventor but he was the brain and tactics of the company. Read this article will give a glance at Ford Motor company history and Henry Ford first car. Here is the detailed Henry Ford assembly line impact on the automobile industry. Also, know some amazing Henry Ford model T facts. 

Henry Ford model T facts

Henry Ford – The Founder of Ford Motor Company

Henry Ford first car ever built was the 1896 Ford Quadricycle Runabout, his first attempt at integrating a gas-powered engine. Next in line was Henry Ford’s Model T car, also known as Tin Lizzie, which changed the American traveling experience. It was prized as the low-cost, durable, and low-maintenance car ever made at that time. One of the amazing Henry Ford’s Model T facts is that it was modified as a war vehicle in Poland. 

Henry Ford first car
Henry Ford First Car

The Ford Motor Company history has displayed glorious glimpses of American automobile history. Henry Ford was the inventor of the technique of assembly-line production. By the use of assembly-line production, continuous workflow and more time on task laborers were enabled. A high-quality end product is obtained. That is how the Henry Ford assembly line impacted the automobile industry. 

Early Life of Henry Ford

The well-known business magnate, Henry Ford was born on the 30th of July, 1863 in Michigan to William Ford and Mary Ford. He was destined to be a farmer but his inquisition and deep interest in mechanics turned his path. When he was 15, he taught himself to dismantle and repair watches. He then moved to Detroit against his father’s will and learned about steam engines and mills. 

The new Otto gas engine caught his attention which was practically unknown in America. He started working in Edison Illuminating Company. He taught himself how to repair Otto gas engines in 1885. He conducted various experiments leading to the production of Henry Ford First Car, named as 1896 Ford Quadricycle Runabout. Henry Ford’s First Car was run on a bicycle tire and a 2-cylinder 4-stroke engine enhancing the standards of four-wheelers. 

Ford Motor Company History

The Ford Motor Company history has showcased miracles of the automobile history. After the approval of Thomas Edison and C. Harold Wills, the Henry Ford Company was founded in 1901. Later, due to the change in investors, Ford Motor Company was established in June 1903. The Ford Motor Company is currently located in Michigan, USA, holding viable 8% stocks in Aston Martin and 32% in Jiangling Motors with additional ventures in different countries worldwide. 

Henry Ford Assembly Line Impact

The Ford Motor Company is the world’s fifth-largest automaker in the world. Ford Motors sells a wide variety of automobiles across the world with Mustang as its top seller. Ford is one of the three-automobile companies to win titles at the FIA World Championship. 

The company has been seen actively participating in Rally cross, Rally, and stock car racing, along with drag racing and drifting. The revolutionary in the Ford Motor Company History was the use of non-fossil fuels like CNG, Electric Drive, and flexible fuel vehicles.

Henry Ford Model T

In 1908, the most successful Henry Ford Model T was launched with the Henry Ford Assembly Line Impact. After its launch, the Henry Ford Model T grew so popular among automobiles. 

Henry Ford Model T
Henry Ford Model T

To curb the need for extensive demands, various production plants were made worldwide including offices in Kansas, Manchester, Paris, and other overseas plants in Europe, Australia, Asia, South Africa, and Canada. There were a total of 15 million Model Ts running on roads worldwide, making it the most popular car. 

Amazing Henry Ford Model T Facts

A lot of historical facts have been attached to the Henry Ford Model T.  One of the most controversial Henry Ford Model T facts is that it was so successful that the company didn’t even advertise the car. 

  • Model T was the first car to be modified as a war vehicle in Poland during the war against the Soviet Union. 
  • It is only known by a few populations that a truck version of Model T was also launched as Model TT in 1917. 
  • The Model T was nicknamed Tin Lizzie, which is quite common when it won a car race organized by car dealerships. It also has other nicknames like flivver and leaping Leena.
  • Model T was first available in all colors but then coloring slowed down the production, later turning it to only all-black. 
  • Driving the Model T was not everyone’s cup of tea as the vehicle was completely manual from starting the engine to checking the level of the fuel tank. The backfiring engine even caused driver’s arm dysfunction. 

Assembly Line Production: Henry Ford Assembly Line Impacts

To cope with the huge demand for Model T, Henry Ford introduced Assembly Line Production by breaking the assembly of Model T into 84 steps. With time, assembly lines were used more flexibly and efficiently. This not only resulted in a better end product but also better time management. 

Henry Ford Assembly Line Impact
Assembly Line Production at Ford Motor Company

The main Henry Ford Assembly Impact was on the life of workers by cutting off their shift time from 9 hours a day to 8 hours a day. The worker satisfaction was achieved along with less wastage of material, proper time investment, and pure production.

Lessons From Henry Ford’s Life

In his 83 years long life, full of adventures and inventions, Henry Ford taught us a lot of life lessons. One of his famous quotes, “There is no disgrace in honest failure; there is disgrace in fearing to fail,” has always taught us to treat failures as lessons. We come to learn a lot from his life from being passionate and committed to one’s goal and believing in yourself. His evergreen lessons include hunger for learning. He took his last breath on 7th April 1947 leaving behind the greatest legacy of all time.

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