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Most Expensive Pokémon Card: Logan Paul Wrestlemania Debut

Logan paul wrestlemania
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The 27-year-old controversial YouTuber, Logan Paul is in the news after he made his Logan Paul Wrestlemania debut entry at the WWE wearing the world’s most expensive costume accessory, a grade-10 Pikachu card, whose price value is approximately $6 million dollars! Now, one can easily understand why it is referred to as the most expensive possession! 

Logan Paul Wrestlemania Debut & World’s Most Expensive Pikachu Card

Logan Paul went to WWE WrestleMania ring with $5M Pokémon card
Logan Paul debut in WrestleMania


The Ohio native made his Logan Paul Wrestlemania debut on Saturday wearing the most expensive and authentic Pokémon card which consisted of four sharp corners with an ultra glossy finish! He teamed up his accessories with a Wolverine-inspired black and yellow outfit that looked perfectly gorgeous on him.

The Wrestlemania 38 was organized at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas where the YouTuber joined hands with The Miz, to fight against Rey and Dominik Mysterio! 

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Paul Won The Guinness World Records

pokemon card logan paul

For his most expensive Pokémon trading card, Logan Paul won his first-ever Guinness World Records certificate! In one of his statements shared with the Guinness World Records, he quoted, “I applied for so many records and the fact that I finally got one after my first [WWE] win ever? I come back to the locker room and I get a second win right away?”In another statement, he shared his happiness stating that his most expensive possession is being validated and authenticated by the Guinness World Records! Nothing is crazier than this. 

On their official Twitter handle, the Guinness World Records posted a video of Paul entering the Wrestlemania ring where the card could be seen hanging from the wrestler’s neck. 

According to reports by the Guinness World Records,  Logan Paul purchased the most expensive Grade 10 Pokémon illustrator card worth approximately $6 million dollars in exchange for a PSA 9 Pikachu card. In addition, he paid an extra $4 million dollars!  

The Guinness World Records also posted a picture of Logan Paul on their official Twitter handle, congratulating the YouTuber on his success! 

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What Does The Fighter Have To Say On His Success? 

The YouTuber made his first Logan Paul Wrestlemania entry wearing the most expensive Pikachu card and from then, he is in the limelight! So, what does he want to say about his success? Let’s hear it in his own words! 

In one of his recent interviews, Paul told the media that the grade 10 Pokemon card is one of the rarest illustrator cards, with only 39 pieces of them available at the moment! The card was purchased from the legendary sports card collector, Matt Allen from Italy! 

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What Are His Admirers And Fans Reactions To Paul’s Success 

Following the Logan Paul Wrestlemania debut in Texas, his fans are going gaga over the internet with his new Pikachu card! 

One of his fans retweeted, “Bro is wearing a 6 million dollar Pokémon card on his neck I have never seen more of flex in my life.” Others commented that “It was a big flex.” 


This is not the first time Logan Paul made his name in the news with his choice of accessories! Before the Logan Paul Wrestlemania debut, he was spotted teaming up with the Charizard Card for his competition against Floyd Mayweather! The card was a gem-mint 10 graded card that has only 3 copies at present! 

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