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Why Was Shah Rukh Khan’s Son Arrested In A Drug Bust? Read To Know!

Shah Rukh Khan’s son
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  • Shah Rukh Khan’s son has been arrested by NCB for possession and purchase of drugs
  • Aryan Khan has been detained by the NCB along with 7 other people
  • Entire Bollywood has refused to comment on this particular issue in public.

A recent NCB bust at a rave party has led to the confiscation of drugs and the arrest of several individuals. But what’s so interesting about this news, which such things happen in every corner of the country? Well, the shocking factor here is that among the people who have been detained, one of them happens to be Aryan Khan, Shah Rukh Khan’s son. He was arrested with seven other people under the NDPS act. This has been a black mark on the entire reputation of SRK. Entire Bollywood is stunned at this event and has chosen to remain silent until details on the case are released.

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Sunil Shetty And Salman Khan Come In Support Of Shah Rukh Khan’s Son

Amidst all of these events, some of the people from the industry have come to the aid of Shah Rukh Khan’s son. Sunil Shetty has been heard to comment that the media must give an opportunity to the young boy to breathe. The star kid has been detained with several other people. There are doubts regarding whether he has consumed something or not.

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Shetty has requested the media sources to be quiet and respectful of the matter. He has also asked them to wait till more information is released on this matter. He mentioned that Aryan is still a child and if he has made any mistake, it can be rectified with proper care.

Even Salman Khan has paid a visit to SRK at his house, “Mannat”. The actor was seen in his white SUV while he arrived in front of SRK’s house. SRK was seen leaving his house immediately after the news of the arrest was confirmed. He was seen heading to the office of his lawyer. Aryan Khan has been arrested under the charges of purchase, possession, and the use of substances banned in the country. Apparently, this is going to be a very long case.

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Special Treatment On The Way?

Do you think that Shah Rukh Khan’s son will receive any special treatment because of his father’s celebrity status? Do you think that he should be considered an addict or a dealer? The comment section is open for you to offer your speculations.

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