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Everything about India-Pakistan 1971 War

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Two incidents in March 1971 triggered a problem in Pakistan, specifically in its east wing. First, in November 1970, a severe cyclonic hurricane called Bhola destroyed East Pakistan, slaughtering half a million civilians. The Pakistani government’s approach was so late, weak, and callous that it infuriated the already enraged Bengalis. They disagreed with the Urdu-speaking West Pakistanis, who could not understand Bengali sub-nationalism, which was founded on culture rather than religion. 

This was succeeded by a national election in which the Awami League of East Pakistan, commanded by Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, romped home to secure the privilege to establish the Pakistan administration. Neither Zulfiqar Bhutto (a close second) nor Yahya Khan, the decadent Army chief as well as President, could see a Bengali-ruled Pakistan. Twenty-four years of accumulated sentiments came crashing down as situations spiraled out of hands, resulting in a confrontation between the Pakistan Army and Bengali intelligentsia. The Pakistan Army demonstrated its inability to make smart decisions, preoccupied with its underestimation of the Indian Armed Forces as well as the Indian government’s tactical view.

Cause of the India-Pakistan 1971 war

Operation Searchlight: All That Bangladesh Lost on 25 March 1971
Pakistan Army brutalizing Hindus of Bangladesh (then East Pakistan)

According to media reports, the Pakistan army engaged in massive brutality and massacre targeting the inhabitants of East Pakistan. It was after West Pakistan tainted the election outcome that an East Pakistani party became victorious. At the height of the horrors, more than ten million people were forced to flee to India.

Proclamation of Bangladesh’s Freedom

On March 26, 1971, East Pakistan proclaimed its intention to secede. The very following day, Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi declared her complete allegiance for their liberation cause.

Commencement of the conflict in 1971

Pakistan Operation Chengiz Khan That Started 1971 War - IPA Newspack

As part of Operation Chengiz Khan, the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) launched preventive aircraft attacks in northwestern India. On the preceding evening of December 4-5, the Indian Navy launched an effective assault on the Karachi harbor, triggering the start of the Indo-Pak war.

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India joined forces with East Pakistani insurgents.

Mukti Bahini: A force for freedom - Telegraph India
Mukti Bahini force

India recruited and supplied weaponry to the Mukti Bahini insurgents in East Pakistan, with whom it successfully collaborated to defeat West Pakistan. While the Soviet Union provided financial and military assistance to East Pakistan alongside India, the United States provided financial and military aid to West Pakistan during President Richard Nixon.

End of the India-Pakistan 1971 war

Two Niazis | The Opinion Pages
 Lt Gen AAK Niazi, who led the 93,000 Pakistani soldiers surrendering to India Army Commander of Eastern Command Lt Gen JS Arora

India’s offensive might was demonstrated when it seized roughly one-third of West Pakistan’s military, forcing them to withdraw. The independence of East Pakistan and the establishment of Bangladesh marked the finish of the Indo-Pak war.


One of the key grounds for India’s rapid and overwhelming triumph was the well-articulated sociopolitical goals from which the armed goals were derived. Typically, this is one of the most difficult jobs presented to the top levels of managerial and administrative employees. The key sociopolitical goal that arose as the primary point of comparison was the time element; it had to be as short as possible to avoid any form of involvement. To counter any spectacular aggressive Pakistani aim, a holding defensive force had to have been waged in the west.

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