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Try These 5 Classic Paneer Curry Recipes For Your Special Dinner

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Paneer has always been one of the most sought-after and easy-to-cook food items. Here in this article, you will know how to prepare your meal with these mouth-watering and fulfilling classic paneer curry recipes. It also has a lot of health benefits that are usually sidelined because of its mother product: dairy. So before going into this topic, let’s find out the benefits of the main item i.e. paneer.

1. Reduces The Risk Of Cancer

  • Paneer contains Vitamin D and Calcium
  • Sphingolipids and Protein combats cancer.

2. Builds Better Bones And Teeth

  • Vitamin D in paneer strengthens bones 
  • Calcium promotes normal functioning of the nervous system

3. An Essential Component In Weight Loss Programs 

  • Paneer is a rich source of fatty acid
  • Easily digestible fats and low carbs help in weight loss.

4. Aids In The Normal Functioning Of The Digestive System 

  • Magnesium acts as a laxative in the digestive system 
  • Phosphorus helps in normal bowel functioning. 

5. Ideal Food For Diabetic Patients

  • Magnesium in paneer controls blood sugar level
  • Low carbs in paneer makes it the best food for diabetic patients.

6. Builds A strong Immune System 

  • Promotes hemoglobin synthesis 
  • Prevents and cures respiratory ailments.

7. Paneer Prevents And Protects You From Diseases

  • A boon for women suffering cramps during menopause
  • Zinc helps in maintaining normal sperm count. 

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Here Are 5 Classic Paneer Curry Recipes To Try

1. Paneer Makhani 
Paneer Makhani – Yoga Indian Cuisine

Paneer Makhani is for fans of curries, especially for those creamy and buttery fans. Spicy tomato gravy, along with cream and butter is something that would make all the foodies out there droll. . This dish tastes awesome when paired with tandoori roti.

Click here for Paneer Makhani Recipe

2. Shahi Paneer
Healthy shahi paneer – Kitchen Mai

This is the next creamy dish on the list.  It is known for its royal texture. Shahi Paneer is known as the dish of the Mughal empire. It is for vegetarians who love to have food that is creamy in all ways.

Click here for Shahi Paneer Recipe
3. Matar Paneer
Matar Paneer Recipe (Mutter Paneer) | Spice Cravings

Matar paneer is a handy dish that can be a party main course or a weekend luxury. 

Click here for Matar Paneer Recipe
4. Kadai Paneer
Kadai Paneer Recipe (Step-By-Step Video) - Fun FOOD Frolic

Hot and spicy paneer in a pool of gravy, semi-dry or dry serving; that is Kadai Paneer. This is the dish that will swoon the hearts of all spicy paneer lovers. Rice, Rotis, and parathas go well with it.

Click here for Kadai Paneer Recipe
5. Paneer Butter Masala
Paneer Butter Masala ( Step by step paneer Makhani) - Ruchiskitchen

This dish does not need any introduction. Rich in tomato and cashew nuts, it goes well with rice, rotis, parathas, and naan.

Click here for Paneer Butter Masala Recipe


Having a thick texture filled with tomatoes, onions, and cashew nuts, these five classic paneer curry recipes can even swoon the hearts of both non-vegetarians and vegetarians. 

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