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Goddess Saraswati Story, Names, Temples, And How to Worship Saraswati At Home

goddess saraswati story
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Saraswati, the goddess of learning and the arts, embodies Devi’s wisdom. She is the dawn goddess whose beams remove the darkness of ignorance; she is indeed the river of consciousness that animates creation. There is just chaos and disarray without her. There are many famous Goddess Saraswati names. This article will reveal the unknown sides of the Saraswati story, famous Saraswati temples, and how to worship Saraswati at home

Goddess Saraswati – The Veena Goddess

To understand her, one must look beyond the delights of the senses and find peace in the soul. Saraswati does not wear gemstones or use vivid colours in her makeup. Her inner purity, her refusal of all that is low and worldly, is reflected in the white sari she wears.

As the patron of pure intellect, she overcomes physical desires and rejoices in mental abilities. She encompasses everything in nature that is pure and wonderful. MahaSaraswati, Vidhya Saraswati, and Sharadamba are some of the renowned Goddess Saraswati names.

Saraswati Story – The Birth Of Saraswati And The Creation Of the Universe

As per the Saraswati story, there was a lot of turmoil at the beginning. Everything was in a condition of flux and formlessness. Brahma, the creator, pondered, “How do I bring stability to this chaos?” Devi replied, “With Knowledge.”

The goddess Saraswati emerged from Brahma’s mouth on a swan, accompanied by a peacock holding sacred scriptures in one hand and a veena in the other. “Knowledge enables man to see opportunities when formerly he only saw problems.” The goddess declared. 

famous Saraswati temples

Brahma learned to detect, understand, comprehend, and communicate under her guidance. He began to look at disorder with wise eyes, and as a result, he realized the tremendous possibilities that lurked there. 

In the midst of chaos, Brahma found the melody of mantras. Saraswati, Vagdevi, the deity of speech and sound, was the name he gave her in gladness. The sound of mantras infused the universe with prana or living energy. Things started to take shape, and the cosmos began to take shape: a star-studded sky ascended to form the heavens; the sea fell into the abyss below, and the earth stood in the middle.

Gods ascended to the throne of the celestial realms, devils ruled the underworld, and mortals walked the earth. The tide surged and ebbed as the sun rose and set, and the moon peaked and faded. As unpredictability gave way to the cycle of life, seasons changed, seeds sprouted, plants blossomed and withered, and animals travelled and reproduced. As a result, Brahma became the world’s creator, with Saraswati as his intellect.

Goddess Saraswati Names And Her Various Forms

Goddess Saraswati takes various shapes and incarnations and thus there are various known goddess Saraswati names.

Various Forms of Goddess Saraswati

In the Kashmir Shakti Peetha, she is known as MahaSaraswati, Vidhya Saraswati in Basara and Vargal, and Sharadamba in Sringeri. Savitri and Gayatri are her dual personas in several parts of the world.

Brahmani is her Matrika (Warrior) incarnation. Saraswati is not only the goddess of wisdom and knowledge, but she is also the Brahmavidya, the goddess of ultimate truth and wisdom. 

Matangi & Tara Mahavidya are the Mahavidya forms she manifests.

Mahakali is the destroyer of ego and ignorance, as well as the darkness that surrounds the unlearned and sluggish mind. She is Brahmavidhya, the eternal truth, as Parvati. She is Vidhyalakshmi, a form of Lakshmi who bestows prosperity based on one’s abilities. 

She is the formless notion of knowledge and wisdom in all of its forms as Vidhya. She is the embodiment of the Vedas as Gayatri. She is the epitome of purity as Savitri, Lord Brahma’s consort.

How To Worship Saraswati At Home

For Saraswati Puja, invoke Lord Ganesha first, with flowers and bel patras in your hands. Arrange the flowers and bel patras at the Lord’s feet. Then do the same thing with Goddess Saraswati. Recite the following mantra:

How to Worship Saraswati At Home

“Yaa kundendu tushaaradhawala, yaa shubhra vastravrutha

Yaa veena varadanda manditakara yaa shweta padmasanaa.

Yaa brahmachyuta shankara prabhrutibhi devai sadaa vandita,

Saa maam pathu Saraswati bhagavati nishshesha, jadyapaha.

Aum saraswathyae namah, dhyanartham, pushpam samarpayami.”

Famous Saraswati Temples

1. Gnana Saraswati Temple

Gnana Saraswati Temple, located on the banks of the Godavari River in Basar, Telangana, is one of India’s most famous Saraswati temples.

2. Saraswathi Devi Sakthipeeth

Saraswathi Devi Sakthipeeth is located near the Kashmir Line of Control. Sharada Peeth is an abandoned temple in India that is one of the eighteen Maha Shakti Peetha.

3. Shringeri Sharadamba Temple

Shringeri Sharadamba Temple, located on the banks of the Tunga river in Sringeri, is dedicated to the goddess Saraswati. The Shringeri matha, founded by Adi Shankara, adopted the Sharadamba Temple. Below is the way how to worship Saraswati at home.


Saraswati is revered and honoured throughout India and throughout the world. She is revered in countries across East Asia, including Japan, Cambodia, Bhutan, Thailand, and Myanmar. In Hinduism, she is extremely important, and her life story may teach us a lot.

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