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Why Is Valentine’s Day celebrated, Its Significance And History

why valentines day is celebrated
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Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating and cherishing our love with our loved ones. Valentine’s week or popularly known as love week starts from 7th February and ends on 14th February. Valentine’s Day is not only a day to celebrate Romantic relationships, rather it is a day to celebrate love, peace, and affection with all those whom we care for. This brings us to our next topic: Why is Valentine’s Day celebrated? How did it become the universal day to celebrate love? Let’s dive into the history of Valentine’s Day! 

Valentine’s Day Celebration 

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Couple celebrating Valentine’s day in front of Eiffel Tower

Valentine’s Day is celebrated to respect and honor Saint Valentine and his unconditional love for his people! Nowadays, the day is celebrated all over the globe where people in love cherish their love for their beloved. Valentine’s Day has evolved to become the universal day of love! 

History Of Valentine’s Day: Universal Day To Celebrate Love

On February 14, every year, Valentine’s Day also called the Feast of Saint Valentine is celebrated. Valentine’s Day is called after a Catholic priest (Saint Valentine) who was living in Rome in the 3rd Century. Saint Valentine rebelled against Emperor Claudius 2, who did not allow his men to get engaged or marry because he believed that people in love could not make it to the battlefield. 

why Valentine's Day is celebrated | Trending Reader

Saint Valentine was against his ideology and thus helped men get married. When Emperor came to know about this, Saint Valentine was put in jail and then beheaded brutally. To honor and tribute Saint Valentine, Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14th February. 

Another legend says that during his imprisonment, Saint Valentine penned down his first love letter to his Jailor’s blind daughter after he fell for her! Some stories say that he wrote a letter signed “ From your Valentine “, which is still in use till today! Although the truth about Valentine’s Day is murky and blurry, it is true that Saint Valentine is portrayed as an empathetic and rebellious soul, who fought for LOVE till his last breath!

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Valentine’s Day And Its Relationship With Paganism

Valentine’s Day was always not about love. Some legend says that paganism is associated with Valentine’s Day! From February 13th – 15th, Romans would celebrate the festival of Lupercalia, the festival of fertility dedicated to Faunus, the Roman god of Agriculture.

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To begin with, they sacrificed goats and dogs for fertility and purification. Later in the day, they would strip the goat’s hide and slapped women to make them more fertile in the future! 

Significance Of Valentine’s Day

significance of valentines day | Trending Reader

Valentine’s Day is a day celebrated all over the world to confess love to their loved ones. Couples and friends make each other feel special and wanted and lovable by gifting them Valentine’s Day cards, gifts, and Jewelleries. 

Valentine’s Day and roses are a match made in heaven. Couples give each other red roses on this day of love to remind their loved ones how much they mean to them. It is a way to showcase their love and emotions to their partner! Modern-day celebrations focus on going to lunch dates or candlelight dinners. Some also opt to go on a short trip with their friends and family! 

ConclusionIn this article, we have discussed everything starting from the history of Valentine’s Day to why is Valentine’s Day celebrated? Valentine’s Day has different meanings for different people. Some love to keep it all simple, while others love to go a little extra to make their loved ones feel special! Whatever the reason is, Valentine’s Day is a day to forget about sorrows and life problems, and indulge oneself in celebrating the most beautiful feeling in this world, LOVE. Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you!

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