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Some Unkown & Hidden Facts About Jean Harlow

facts about jean harlow | Trending Reader
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Jean Harlow was indeed the greatest star in Hollywood for a while in the 1930s. Her vampy good features, effortless elegance, and inherent sexual appeal gave her the moniker “The Blonde Bombshell,” but beneath her glossy exterior lurked a delicate soul who was very often exploited by corporations and plagued with heartache—right up until her tragic demise. Study following facts about Jean Harlow.

Unknown Facts About Jean Harlow

1. From The Working Class To The World Class

Facts About Jean Harlow | Trending Reader

Harlow was born into a poor family. Harlean Harlow Carpenter was raised in Kansas City, Missouri, and that’s about as away from Sunset Boulevard as you can get. Her dad, Mont Clair Carpenter, was a dentist who came from such a working-class family, but her mom, Jean Carpenter, was the affluent child of a property investment dealer.

2. Platinum Certification

Platinum Blonde - Rotten Tomatoes

Jean Harlow was known for her “platinum blonde” tresses, and that was her celebrity name that led to popularising the word. Director Howard Hughes advertised Harlow’s hair color as “golden” when advertising one of his movies, immediately establishing Harlow as the first Blonde Bombshell.

3. Queen Kong Is A Monarchy In Hong Kong

One of the unknown facts about Jean Harlow is that Harlow was the initial candidate to play Ann Darrow, King Kong’s damsel in peril, as per horror cinema monarch Fay Wray.

4. Perhaps She Was Born With That Or It’s Clorox Bleach

facts about jean Harlow blonde | Trending Reader

Harlow claimed her white-blonde hair was her original hue as a Hollywood starlet, but nothing could have been farther from reality. She allegedly maintained the facade by whitening her hair with ammonia, Clorox, as well as Lux soap flakes regularly, a practice that severely damaged her natural ash-blonde strands.

5. Jean Harlow – The Baby

Baby Jean Harlow | Trending Reader

On March 3, 1911, Harlow was born. Her on-screen moniker was “The Baby,” which she retained throughout her career. People referred to her as “The Baby” so frequently that she didn’t even notice her real name till the age of five.

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6. Separated Ties

Mother Jean devised a cruel strategy one day during Harlow was away finishing school. She divorced Mont Clair Carpenter and promptly obtained sole, undisputed custody of their child, all when the little girl was aware of the tragedy that had befallen her parents. Harlow nearly has never seen her dad after that awful day, despite her tremendous affection for him.

7. The Meow of the Cat

facts about Jean Harlow | Trending Reader
Actress Selina Kyle as Catwoman, character motivated by Jean Harlow

Catwoman, the legendary Batman character, was partially motivated by Jean Harlow. Harlow “seemed to exemplify feminine grace and beauty at its most seductive,” according to artist Bob Kane, while he was a young kid. Harlow’s colleague screen beauty Hedy Lamarr was another influence for the leather-clad anti-heroine.

8. Over The Alps

Mother Jean was the one who introduced Harlow to the world of Hollywood. In 1923, the elder woman decided to pursue celebrity and moved to Los Angeles with her baby daughter in the aspiration of launching her profession. Unfortunately, makers informed Mother Jean that her fantasies were gone forever at the age of 34 when she was pretty gross and dilapidated.

9. Love In Its Infancy

Jean Harlow facts | Trending Reader

Handful people are aware that Jean Harlow was wedded before she rose to fame. She began a relationship with Chuck McGrew, an attractive 19-year-old from an affluent family when she was indeed a sophomore at her preparatory school. The two sweethearts could not wait any longer and were wed in 1927 after only a year of courting.


Jean Harlow is a well-known star who was always related to Hollywood. Whenever people speak about her life, 70% of its constituents of Hollywood, and therefore, Harlow was cremated with a white gardenia in her palm as well as a message from Powell that said, “Good night, my beloved darling,” in a dress by one of her movies. “Our Baby,” reads the plaque on the gravestone.

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