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Exercise Equipment You Must Try – Are You Using These?

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Fitness and good health are the need of the hour as we all know. Consider adding these top-notch exercise accessories and equipment to your workout setup and get ready to feel the burn. Filtering out time to work out can be a daunting task. But, by adding these exciting exercise equipment, exercise will become a fun activity which you will look forward to. Know more about these exciting exercise equipment you must try here in this article.

Exercise Equipment You Must Try

Good equipment is something that is reliable, lightweight and portable, and also easy to use. We all are acquainted with smartwatches like Fitbit. Now, resistance bands and yoga mats have become the norm. However, there are still a few more great exercise types of equipment you must try. Listing a few options below:

1. Neoprene Dumbbells
Amazon Basics Vinyl 10 Pound Dumbbells - Set of 2, Purple | Pricepulse

Fitness experts suggest testing dumbbells and hand-weights for their grip, comfort and durability. Dumbbells are a great piece of exercise equipment you must try. They help tone muscles of the arms and are used in various types of exercises. They are portable, easy to use and come in different weights. You can opt for a set as per their suitability. Also, rubber encased hex hand dumbbells can be bought if you are looking for heavier weights. 

2. Kettlebells
20-Minute Full-Body Kettlebell Workout | SELF

Kettlebells are a great exercise equipment piece you must try. They are durable and have a comfortable handle. It is a simple accessory and very easy to use. It has a smooth vinyl coating at the bottom and those who wish to do home workouts can use this exercise equipment with ease. This piece of exercise equipment will not put scratches on your flooring and it is available in a variety of weights. You can perform exercises like lunges, lifts and shoulder presses with kettlebells. They provide strength training. They can be used for fat burn and full-body workout training. 

3. Exercise Ball
37,950 Balance Ball Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock

This is an exciting and very commonly used exercise equipment piece you must try. This versatile exercise ball can be put to use for exercising. It is used to perform exercises to enhance working on posture, core stability and much more. The ball is sturdy and durable. The exercise ball provides you with a good grip and comes in various colours thus facilitating a fun-filled workout experience for you. 

4. Gliding Discs
Workout Sliders That'll Help Sculpt and Tone Your Entire Body | Shape

You can make your workouts more enjoyable with these cool gliding discs. They create a smooth sliding surface for your upper and lower body workouts. They help you in engaging your core muscles and create stability throughout your body. They facilitate low impact workouts. They are also called exercise sliders and work on carpet and wooden flooring. They strengthen all muscles in the body by engaging them in full range motion. 

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5. High-Intensity Vibrating Roller Fitness
The Largest Vibrators You've Ever Seen - Women's Running

This is one of the most exciting exercise equipment pieces you must try. This accessory combines the goodness of both a massage gun and foam roller together. The vibrations given out by this equipment enhances circulation and alleviates any kind of pain. It works as a mood enhancer and makes workouts fun and pleasurable. It has three energetic vibration speeds and a durable structure.

6. Suspension Training
TRX Workouts | TRX Training for Cyclists

This kit includes everything you will require for a full-body workout. It is a must-try exercise equipment piece. This exercise accessory can be put to use if you have a door or wall stud. It is easy to set up and provides full-body workouts. You can adjust the weight resistance and workouts can be customized as per your fitness level.

7. Yoga Blocks
How Many Yoga Blocks Do You Need? | Personal & Yoga Studios

Yoga blocks are lightweight and their durable foam helps you to get to those tough positions and hold deep stretches during your practice. The edges provide comfort and good grip. They help maintain stability and body alignment. They are available in various colours and make your workout fun-filled.


Thus, these are a few exciting exercise equipment you must try for sure. They make workouts easy and fun-filled. They are easy to use and offer durability. 

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