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20 Kalyug Predictions By Lord Krishna And How Will Kalyug End

Kalyug Predictions By Lord Krishna
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This is the Kalyuga age, and we have shown kali yuga indicators as people. We all know the end is approaching, yet there is hope that Lord Vishnu will return in his Kalki incarnation to redeem the earth and restore the good. There are also some Kalyug predictions by Krishna. Read this article to know what are the Kalyug characteristics, what will happen in kalyug, how will kalyug end, and which god to worship in kaliyuga?

The demon Kali is linked to Kali Yuga. In the Kali period, “Kali” meant “conflict,” “disagreement,” and “battle.” The end of the Dvapara era and the beginning of the Kali era were marked by Krishna’s departure.

Kalyug Predictions By Krishna

Lord Krishna made predictions about the Kaliyuga period. Krishna’s predictions are based on what will happen in kalyug. Some unknown Kalyug predictions by Krishna are mentioned below.

  1. Due to the tremendous impact of the Kali era, spirituality, truthfulness, cleanliness, acceptance, compassion, lifespan, physical strength, and memory would decrease day by day.
  1. Only money can be considered an indication of a person’s decent origin, appropriate behavior, and high quality in the Kali Yuga. The individual authority will determine how law and justice are applied.
  2. Because of their apparent attraction, men and women will dwell together, and commercial success will be based on deception. The sexual experience of a person will be used to determine femininity and masculinity.
  3. A man can be referred to as a Brahman simply by wearing a thread.
  1. External symbols are the sole way to discern a person’s spiritual state. Manners will be greatly questioned if a person cannot live a decent life. A scholar is someone who is extremely skilled at juggling.
  1. A person lacking money is regarded as impious, whereas hypocrisy is regarded as a virtue.
  2. The marriage will be solely by verbal agreement, and everyone who bathes will be considered fit to appear in public.
  1. A sacred site will be reduced to a distant deposit, and beauty will be judged solely on the basis of a person’s haircut.
  2. The objective of life will be to fill your stomach, and brave people will be regarded as real.
  3. A capable individual who obeys religious beliefs simply for the sake of reputation is a capable person capable of providing for his family.
  1. With so many people on the planet, and so many of them corrupt, whoever can demonstrate that they’re the most influential of any social status will achieve political power.
  1. People will then have to eat leaves, wild honey, fruits, flowers, roots, meat, and seeds due to hunger and high taxes. When dryness strikes, they will perish completely.
  1. Wind, snow, heat, cold, and rain will have a big impact on residents. Hunger, thirst, sickness, and severe worry will exacerbate their suffering.
  1. Humans will have a life expectancy of 50 years in the Kali era.
  1. Men are no longer willing to protect their elderly parents.
  1. Men will detest each other in Kaliyuga for a few pennies. They will be prepared to risk their lives and even kill their dear ones if they give up all friendly contacts.
  1. The illiterate will be given alms in the name of the Lord and will make a living by practicing asceticism and dressing like a beggar. Those who have little knowledge of religion will ascend to the top or dare to discuss religious beliefs.
  1. Even though the master is a monk with noble character, the servant will desert the master who has lost his fortune. Even if the servant has been passed down through generations in the family, the master will leave him.
  2. Cows are discarded or slaughtered when they stop giving milk.
  1. Thieves will dominate the city, atheist theoretical interpretations will poison the Vedas, elected elites will truly swallow civilians, and so-called priests and philosophers will worship their abdomen and genitals.

These were the Kalyug predictions by Krishna. But, what are the Kalyug Characteristics? Let’s discuss.

Kalyug Characteristics

Kalki, also referred to as Kalkin, is the Hindu god Vishnu’s tenth prophetic incarnation, and she will bring the Kali Yuga, one of the four phases in Krita Vaisnavid cosmology, to an end. 

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The end of the Kali Yuga confirms Hindu eschatology and foreshadows the beginning of the Satya Yuga in an unending circle of existence.

Which God To Worship In Kaliyuga

Lord Shiva, Lord Hanuman, Devi Durga, and Lord Ganesha are worshiped the most in Kalyug. These deities are in the maximum temples all across India.

How Will Kalyug End?

Kalki has diverse descriptions and information in different works. Kalki has been depicted in previous writings as a God of Kalyug who eradicated adharma and introduced Satya Yuga by terminating the harshest and most terrible period and restoring existence while mounting a white horse and wielding a fire sword. This is all how will Kalyug end.

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The rise in extreme weather occurrences and the rebound of present tectonic activity may signal that we are entering a time of chaotic earth change. Let us wait to see what the future holds while continuing to create good karma! We must be conscious of the vast time cycles that control human civilization, as well as the impending changes.

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