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Relation Between Gold And Kaliyuga

relation between gold and kaliyuga | Trending reader
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Today, Gold is amongst the precious metals considered a great source of investment in Indian families. The women of the families are fond of precious gold jewelry as it ornaments their beauty and displays the family’s wealth. Gold is a symbolic representation of the materialist desires of the human race that have captured us all. People have begun considering their happiest amongst material while they lose time to experience actual happiness that rises from within. But, what is the relation between gold and Kaliyuga

relation between gold and kaliyuga | Trending reader

As per the writings of the Hindu scriptures, the war of Kurukshetra, known as Mahabharath, marked the end of Dwapar Yug. After the war, several tales came into motion that triumphed at the beginning of Kaliyug. It is said that no life lost was spotted until the 9th day of the war. Therefore, it was considered the last day of the Dwaparyug when the Kali Yuga began. The complete life cycle of the universe created by the Lord Brahma was divided into four verses, including the Satyayug, Treta Yuga, Dwaparyug, and the final, Kali Yuga. Kaliyug is the only period when there will be no incarnation of God, and no supremacy would step down until final destruction.

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The Story of Parikshit and Kaliyug

parikshit and Kaliyuga | Trending reader

Parikshit, one of the few people who escaped, was living. He was the grandson of Arjun and the son of Abhimanyu. After the war, Krishna began his journey for the afterlife. The demise of Lord Krishna broke everyone down; this was when the Pandavas left the royal material life. They handed their kingdom to the hands of Parikshit. The beginning of the age of Kaliyug brought lust, greed, evil, and treachery weapons into the kingdom, and Parikshit couldn’t protect the people from these five darkest elements of Kaliyug.

How Brahma Defined The Relation Between Gold And Kaliyuga

5 places of kaliyuga | Trending Reader

The Kali Yuga is the most deadly period for humans and living creatures. There are five predefined places where you must not step in if you want to be protected from the rage of Kaliyug, i.e., the place where liquor, brothels, slaughter, gambling, and gold are served. Each represents a weapon of poison, lust, evil, betrayal, and greed, respectively. 

This is why gold isn’t known for good. The relation between gold and Kaliyuga is that gold symbolizes desire in Kaliyug.

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