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Lord shiva’s Ardhnarishwar Story And Benefits Of Ardhnarishwar Stotra

Ardhnarishwar Story
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The transformation of Shiva into Ardhnarishwar in the Kalika Purana is incredibly relatable.  Ardhnarishwar temple has us captivated by its limitless charm and sensitivity. Quite personally, Ardhnarishwar story and the benefits of Ardhnarishwar stotra are perspectives in their own way. It now makes sense how the human heart, especially the feminine, works in our society. Let’s now know who is Ardhnarishwar, who created Ardhnarishwar and why is Shiva called Ardhnarishwar.

The androgynous picture of Ardhnarishwar enlightens our insight. Ardhnarishwar story is one of a woman’s love, her possessiveness, insecurity, jealousy and concern for losing her man and his commitment toward another woman. 

Who Is Ardhnarishwar?

Since ancient times, people have worshipped Lord Shiva, but only a few are aware of his other manifestation, who is Ardhnarishwar. Actually, Shiva freely chose to take this form. Through this, he hoped to convey the message that men and women are on an equal footing. Tell us how it’s cycled. After all, Lord Shiva needn’t take on this form.

Lord Shiva’s half-man half-woman manifestation, Ardhnarishwar, was formed when his body united with Goddess Parvati’s. This avatar embodied masculine and feminine energy in equal measures, reflecting how the two combined to represent the innate strength found in all living things

Who Created Ardhnarishwar?

The male half wears a jata (a mass of matted hair coiled into a crescent) on his head. This jata may occasionally be embellished with snakes and the Ganges (Ganga) that flow through the hair in a stream. There is a sarpa-kundala (serpent-earring) in the right ear. Some images show a half-moustache. 

Now you know why is Shiva called Ardhnarishwar. Also, the male’s eye (who is Ardhnarishwar) appears smaller than the female’s, which is highlighted in another verse of the Ardhnarishwar stotra. And that answers the question, who created Ardhnarishwar. 

The female half wears a Karanda-mukuta or crown in the form of a basket. The hair is carefully in place and well-combed. The valika-kundala (a type of earring) hangs in the left ear and forehead with a bindi or tilaka. The female neck features a blue lotus while a hooded serpent crawls on the male side.

Ardhnarishwar Story Why Is Shiva Called Ardhnarishwar?

Sage Bhringi was a devoted follower of Shiva, yet he never paid attention to the magnificence and strength of Goddess Parvati. Bhringi goes to Kailash one day to see Shiva. He observes that Sage Bhringi paid attention to only Shiva and disregarded Parvati as they sat on a beautiful seat. Shiva saw this and transformed Parvati into one of his halves (half Shiva and half Parvati). This is why Shiva is called Ardhnarishwar. 

However, the uninformed Bhringi once more paid heed just to Shiva by disguising himself as a black bee. Upon witnessing his deed, Goddess Parvati exclaimed, “O wise sage Bhringi! You may lose all of your mother-derived physical parts if you have any female energy in you.” As soon as Goddess Parvati finished, Rishi Bhringi lost all of his flesh and blood, turned into a sack of bones, and fell to the ground helplessly.

After realizing his wrongdoing, Bhringi apologized to Shiva and Shakthi and realized that Shiva and Parvati (Shakthi), who make up the world, are the same. That is the Ardhnarishwar story.

Ardhnarishwar Temple

The Ardhnarishwar Temple is held in the highest regard by the Hindus. This temple in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, honors Lord Shiva and his spouse Parvati.

Ardhnarishwar temple

Shiva, with his customary bun of hair, is seen with a snake wrapped in skulls, a musical instrument in one hand and a Damru (or drum) in the other. Parvati, the celestial consort, is depicted with a diadem, earring, and a ring on her nose. The idol meets all requirements and is well-constructed.

Ardhnarishwar Stotra

Champeya gowrardha sareerakayai,

Karpoora gourardha sareerakaya,

Dhamillakayai cha jatadaraya,

Nama Shivayai cha namashivaya.

Kasthurika kumkuma charchithayai,

Chitharaja puncha vicharchithayai,

Kruthasmarayai vikrutha smaraya,

Nama Shivayai cha namashivaya 

Jhanath kvanath kankana noopurayai,

Padabja Rajat phani noopuraya,

Hemangadhayai bhujagangadhaya,

Nama Shivayai cha namashivaya.

Visala nilothphala lochanayai,

Vikasi pangeruha lochanaya,

Samekshanayai vishamekshanaya,

Nama Shivayai cha namashivaya.

Benefits Of Ardhnarishwar Stotra

  • People who recite the Ardhnarishwar stotra with devotion will be granted a long, honourable life with everything they could want.
  • Chanting the Ardhnarishwar Stotra will bring happiness and prosperity to your family.
  • Chanting the Ardhnarishwar Stotra allows one to experience the united grace of Shiva and Shakti.
  • Anyone who has fallen victim to the evil eye, lost their respect in society or is afraid to try something new should recite the Ardhanarishwar Stotra. 

That’s how one can fully make use of the benefits of Ardhnarishwar stotra.

Ardhnarishwar Significance

Ardhnarishwar is a symbol of generative and constructive force. Masculine and feminine principles cannot be separated, as represented by Ardhnarishwar. It communicates the harmony of opposites in the cosmos. 

Prakriti is the female half while the male half is Purusha. Shiva, the ascetic’s spiritual representative and Parvati, the householder who represents the materialistic way of life, are reconciled by Ardhnarishwar. It implies that Shakti and Shiva are the same.


The symbolism behind the notion of Ardhnarishwar is quite profound. The deity represents the ideal harmony of this universe’s masculine and feminine energies. It suggests that they are complementary forces that must cooperate to maintain equilibrium. It demonstrates how Purusha and Prakriti’s opposites are united.

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