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Little Facts About Thomas Edison You Must Know

facts about Thomas edison | Trending Reader
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The well-known American inventor, Thomas Alva Edison, was born in 1847 in Ohio in the United States. Everyone knows him for his greatest incandescent lamp invention. But apart from this, he had several other patented inventions. Here are little facts about Thomas Edison you must know.


From his school days, he was inquisitive and had an innovative mind. Due to his hearing disabilities, he was called a misfit, which was when his journey began as an avid reader. Edison never let his disability weaken him; instead, he claimed that it helped him focus more. He lacked formal schooling, which was very often because of the rising Civil war in the states. 

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Interesting Facts About Thomas Edison That No One Knows

facts about Thomas Edison | Trending Reader

Edison lived a complicated and mysterious life. Right from the beginning, he faced several hardships and built his legendary name solely through hard work and dedication. 

1. Edison is one of the most famous inventors in American history known worldwide for his work. He holds a world record of 1093 sanctioned patents over various fields, including Phonography, incandescent lamp, motion picture apparatus, commercial light and power systems, experimental electric railroad, carbon transmitters, etc. It is one of the most popular facts about Thomas Edison and his life.

2. The phonographic experiment built his name in science. It was his first invention to be patented in the year 1877. It is his most remarkable work of all time.

3. Edison didn’t have hearing issues since birth. He became deaf after the age of 12. Many stories and rumors define his deafness. Some of them state that he was caught by Scarlett Fever which left him with hearing loss. While others explain that it happened at a conductor boxing event after he caused the fire in the baggage car. He claimed that this incident never occurred. 

4. In 1876, Edison opened his laboratory in Menlo Park, where he and his employees worked on several different inventions that could solve specific problems. Later, his laboratory came to be known as the “Invention Factory.” 

5. Another one of the unpopular facts about Thomas Edison is that in 1881, Thomas owned an ore-mining company that turned out to be a great disaster as there was no market available to deploy the services. He initiated the company of metal extraction from the ore mines. In 1887, he returned to his old projects. But later in the year 1899, Edison invested himself in promoting cement and built his own company known as Edison Portland Cement Co. His cement venture also turned him down as his ideas for economic construction were considered unfishable during that time.

6. There is a fact about Thomas Edison that Edison was the first to introduce the first Industrial Research Lab. After he innovated Phonography, he became ‘The Wizard of Menlo Park’ (where his laboratory was set up).


Edison wrote an entirely new era through his inventions such as the incandescent lamp, motion the picture camera, Phonography, etc. Apart from being an inventor, he was a great businessman and successful manufacturer. His inventions turned out to be the biggest gifts to mankind which today helped in several advancements in technologies.

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